Export audio only files as native mp3

I'm actually shocked Screenflow doesn't have native support for this.  The current workaround is to import into iTunes and do the conversion there.  Really could use it for podcasting.

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  • What's you're workflow? AAC not supported?

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  • There are many workarounds. First the mp3 format is depreciated. Secondly for podcasting - and any other mp3 related workflow, software like Monkeytools Sound Grinder is a way better solution than iTunes. It let's you embed way more metadata, including multiple graphics to the mp3, which can be a good thing for podcasting.

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  • CraigS  I am more "concerned" the aiff is an export format and not BWav

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  • CraigS Hi Craig!  Here's what I'm currently doing.

    1. Importing audio through audacity into Screenflow.
    2. Exporting as mp4 with just audio (no video)
    3. Opening in iTunes, and converting to mp3.
    4. Importing into Anchor for distribution.
    5. Available on iTunes the next 24 hours.

    Is there a better way of going about it?

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  • Robert Skrobe Export AAC only. It's not clear why you need MP3 specifically. AAC is well supported in most programs that support MP3.


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  • Bo Astrup said:
    I am more "concerned" the aiff is an export format and not BWav

     But why? AIFF should work in most of the same programed that hand Broadcast WAV. Developers need to know a specific workflow requirement and how common it is.

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  • CraigS Ahh okay, so my flow should be:


    1. Importing audio through audacity into Screenflow.
    2. Exporting in AAC.
    3. Importing into Anchor for distribution.
    4. Available on iTunes the next 24 hours.

    Do I have that right?

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  • Robert Skrobe That should work. If Anchor doesn't support AAC let me know ASAP.

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  • CraigS It looks like it doesn't. Here's the reference page I'm looking at: https://help.anchor.fm/hc/en-us/articles/115001185452-Uploading-and-importing-audio-into-Anchor

    Specifically, it names the following files it supports:

    • mp3
    • m4a
    • wav
    • mpg

    And I know through painful experience that Apple does *not* like m4a files for podcasts.  None of mine would download or play in that format.

    I also bet the use a depreciated file format like mp3 for distribution purposes.  Since they support Soundcloud, Stitcher and other lesser known podcasting networks, they use the least common denominator.

    So it does look like I need that mp3 format after all. :)

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  • Robert Skrobe 
    Just in case they "silently" support AAC give it a try.

    Do submit the feature request pointing to Anchor's specs to show that you must meet their requirements.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request

    In the meantime if you must do a file conversion the best audio quality out of ScreenFlow is Lossless Audio Only which is uncompressed AIFF and then convert that to MP3 or WAV in the software of your choice.

    You can use the free Audacity to convert AIFF to either WAV (probably best choices) or MP3.


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  • Robert Skrobe 


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  • CraigS Got it, but I'd rather use Screenflow than Audacity.  I paid for the former, and I like the UI better.  Just sayin. :)


    I'll submit that feature request per your instructions up above.  Thanks for your time and attention on the topic!

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  • Robert Skrobe The developers do listen. You're welcome of course.

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  • CraigS I don't doubt that (re: developers).  I often think they aren't listened to enough, but that's a whole other tangent.  Part of the reason why I got into Design Sprints. 

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  • Robert Skrobe 👍

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