Thoughts on 2 Laptop video cards...

We're looking at getting Lenovo Legion for our travelling streaming setup. Using Thunderbolt port for Blackmagic recorder.

Brand: Lenovo
Model name: Legion Y740
CPU: 9th Gen Intel Core I7-9750H @ 2.60 GHz Six-Core
Storage: 1TB SSD
Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB OR GTX 1660Ti
Model: 81UH006YIN

First question, anyone have any thoughts on this as a system?

Second questions, should we go for the RTX 2060 or GTX 1660Ti (which is about 300$ cheaper). Seems like the GTX 1660Ti shows only about 10-15% less performance, not sure its really worth the extra cost. Will either be able to make use of GPU for compression?

Thanks for the inputs.  

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  • Taken the fact that wirecast is not fully utilizing the GPU and is relying much on the CPU I would go for the 1660.

    I would avoid the BMD recorder and go for NDI encoders via ethernet connection instead.

  • We are working on advancing our use of GPU resources. There's more to do of course.

  • Jens Jarke Thanks. We actually already have many BMD devices used on MBP's. But ya, we are looking into NDI in future.  Have you seen any difference in CPU usage when using NDI vs. Blackmagic/Thunderbolt decoding/encoding?

  • It's possible that NDI HX may use more CPU that NDI due to the codec. I haven't tested though to compare with SDI/HDMI uncompressed sources.

  • I'm not an apple fan I have to admit. My windows system is relaxed with either of them. But I haven't compared or meassured. And the fact that I didn't looked at it is maybe an indication that there isn't much difference. If, I would have noticed. Running on a laptop you need to look closer because resources are so more limited. 

  • Jens Jarke Im an apple Fan for most things, but lately we've been inclined to PC's for streaming, so looking at 1 laptop & 1 desktop. Any configuration suggestions are welcome. Got one tip to go for a server type system (we cant custom build), so we get more PCI lanes & Zeon processor. Thoughts?   

  • Well, Xeon with many cores, 40 PCI Lanes, Nvidia 1060 or 1080, PCIe NVMe storage and you are set for the desktop.

    For a Laptop I would look for names like mobile workstation. I just googled and found https://store.hp.com/GermanyStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=2ZC64EA&opt=ABD&sel=NTB

    Some i7's will have 40 lanes as well. You can check at ark.intel.com and compare. So generally Good CPU, dedicated Nvidia GPU and fast Storage.

    Capturing over NDI solves the problem of what capture solution to pick for mobile workstations.

  • Jens Jarke can you give thoughts on this workstation 


    the processor supports up to 48 lanes. The processor seems little slow. Has lots of expansion. Is it overkill ok ok?

  • That machine is massive. More targeted as a server. But who cares. Two CPUs of that size will do the job in combination with that GPU.

    Better to have a relaxt system.

    PS: You may want to use the HDD as system drive and SSD as storage (maybe upgrade size). When you record a bunch of cams/streams you don't want to fall short on the drive speed.

  • Jens Jarke what is relaxt system?

  • Jens Jarke this one is about half the cost. We actually only need to record one feed  but yes  will plan for ssd in there also 


  • I would go for the former option. You would want to have headroom in term of CPU to be future proof.

  • Swami Trika we could upgrade cpu as needed. To be clear. We don’t need a beast. Mostly 2 input streams. Sending 2 streams. One SDI Output stream

  • From experiences I would recommend to have plenty of headroom in terms of CPU and GPU. Versions increase and requirements rise. Today it's one stream, tomorrow a second and addition ingests, records, outputs, NDI, whatever.

    The more headroom the more stable the system. If wirecast is using 80%+ you will run into unexpected issues.

  • I would go with a NVidia GPU, not a Radeon.

  • Jens Jarke thx. Between dell and HP any thoughts. 

  • Both are premium. I personally like Dell and have very good experiences in terms of service and suport but HP offers equal quality and service. It's more a taste. Some specs might be a bit better with the one or the other.

  • Jens Jarke thanks. For capture cards. Is Blackmagic the way or anything else? Magewell or something? 

  • My opinion is NOT to go for BMD. Take a look here at the forum what the cards cause for issues and compare to magewell, which I would prefer. The magewell you buy, install and will never cause problems. With the BMD you will have constant updates that come with trouble. If you need to go for the budget go for BMD. Best bang for the bug. If you want to have a nice unproblematic experience go for magewell.

  • Jens Jarke Thanks. doesnt look like Magewell has any cards that output SDI. So we may not have a choice for that but BM. On a related note. In terms of PCI bandwidth, how many lanes does one stream take up? Assuming our requirement is 2 input, 1 output, Nvidia card output to 2 monitors. How much use is that appx? Is there some guidelines around it?   

  • Swami Trika Listed as Coming Soon. Perhaps ask for Telestream to test and support.

  • From the Nvidia you can use a HDMI to SDI converter. And yes, that can be from BMD. Wirecast is able to send program out to second "monitor".

  • So, looks like we found a laptop & Desktop system for our streaming. Our options are pretty slim here in India, but Dell & Lenovo have ones we'll go for.  Let us know your thoughts...



    Dell Precision 5820 Tower Workstation

    Intel Xeon W-2145 (3.7GHz,
    4.5GHzTurbo, 8C, 11MB Cache, HT,
    (140W)) DDR4-2666
    - Precision 5820 Tower 950W PCIe
    FlexBay RTX Chassis
    - Intel Integrated controller (RST-e) with
    1-2 Front FlexBay NVMe PCIe Drives
    - 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 2666MHz RDIMM
    ECC Memory
    - M.2 256GB PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid
    State Drive
    - Regulatory Label, Dell Precision T5820
    ICC,425W/ 925W
    - Nvidia Quadro RTX4000, 8GB, 3DP,
    VirtualLink (XX20T)



    Lenovo Thinkpad P53


    P53 20QQS1SQ00 Think Pad Intel Core

    i7-9850H Processor with vPro /15.6 FHD

    (1920x1080)/Windows 10 Pro64/ 16.0GB

    RAM/ 1x512GB SSD PCIe/ NVIDIA T1000



    PCI Capture Card

    Blackmagic DeckLink Duo 2

    For input card, again our options are limited as we need 16 channels of input/output so for now BlackMagic has the only one. We saw some comments in Reddit forum that say BM isnt as stable as they some would like, but we're hoping its ok for our more limited needs


    NDI capture device:

    Magewell Pro Convert SDI Plus

    16 channels audio embed

  • Swami Trika Magewell does make 4 input HDMI card and 4 input SDI card and this card seems flexible as well. I'm not sure if we've tested them all though.

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