Be able to set static images for PTZ recall shots

 I need to be able to refresh a shot manually or set a static image for a shot for my PTZ control shots. In previous versions I could right click each shot and click refresh shot icon. It doesn't work for me to have all my PTZ control shots to be live.  I would also love to have a special layer(s) or shot type for PTZ shot recall shots that is static shots and the rest of my layers can be live. If that is not possible I would just be happy to have the old functionality back. Based on what I've seen in your API automation library you should have the ability to get a PNG of a shot and save that as a static image for that shot and not have it update when the others update.


My workflow is something like this to explain my use case a little better.

I have 3 PTZOptics 20x PTZ cameras that we bring in via an SDI capture device. I add each camera as a dedicated shot so cam1,2,3 on a layer (3) then the next layer (4) down I make duplicated shots for each PTZ preset that we need each of the cameras all on layer 4 about 6 to 8 PTZ recall shots per cameras so layer 4 is very full. In version 11.1.2 we had live icons (shots) off so we could call each shot after we opened our saved doc and then hit refresh shot icon one by one. What this did for us was give us a snippet of what shot would be once recalled worked good. Now in version 13 you took that away it's either live or static shot of whatever the camera sees when you open the doc with no way to refresh the icon.

If there is a better workflow for dealing with PTZ recall shots please help me out here because right now we will not be moving to WC 13 till something is changes as it has broken our workflow and my other tech volunteers hated the new always live PTZ shots.

Perhaps a special type of shot for PTZ recall that you can set a static image would awesome where you set the PTZ recall and trigger the recall and maybe hit set image or something like that.

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  • Thanks for posting this. Fill out the Feature Request Form and we'll email you a case number to log the request. Others can vote for it here. Don't forget to vote for your own request.

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  • CraigS I don't have PTZ cameras, but its on my wish-list. While waiting, let me add a thought for the original poster.

    What would make sense is to use LIVE icons for PTZ shots while they are live, and auto freeze on transition to another shot. I think that would be better than manual refreshing of shot icons...

    Anyway, just sharing the idea.


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  • Greg Kuhnert I agree with you that manually refreshing is not ideal, but I want the "Freeze frame image" that gets set the first time I call the PTZ recall shot to be the image that stays. I don't want that to ever change unless I tell it to. If I only had one shot per camera and was using an external controller to switch presets your suggestion would be fine in-fact in that case I would just use live icons low frame-rate.

    All I really need is a way to set an image that represents what the shot will be when I trigger the PTZ recall by pushing the shot to Preview or live.

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  • Kevin Amos Schmuhl We are discussing this issue. Making sure you've filled out the form because it's possible the developers may have some questions about this at some point as they consider implementation. 

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  • CraigS  here is the info for enhancement request I submitted I believe:
    Here is the feature request I submitted before. 00631683. I don't see a way to find or add to my previous feature requests. Here is the link to my orriginal post I created that you told me to create a feature request from. https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/36nqgz/need-to-keep-static-shot-icons-wc-11

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  • Kevin Amos Schmuhl Thanks for that. Good enough.

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