Wirecast 10 Beta Build | June 26th 2018

Hello Wirecast Users!

We are pleased to announce the Wirecast 10 public beta.  There are two new web services, and we are especially looking forward to your feedback on those.  Try them out, use your 5,000 test minutes and let us know how they're working:

Restream, a new web service offering the ability to take one live stream from Wirecast and restream it to up to five destinations.  Simplifies distribution of content and reduces CPU usage and bandwidth needs caused by multiple encodes.  You will be asked to create a Telestream Cloud account when you first configure Restream in your Output Settings.  

Live Captions, another new Wirecast web service featuring speech-to-text transcription and live captioning.  One transcription can be used for restreaming to multiple destinations.  Restream needs to be chosen as an option before configuring Live Captions in your Output Settings.  

We have also been working with Facebook to add a new feature and to further support their emphasis on improving private data usage:

Crossposting on Facebook settings have been added to crosspost live streams to other Pages from within Wirecast and for other Pages to crosspost to your Page.  You need to first establish a crossposting relationship with another Page through Facebook's Publishing Tools. 

As always, there have been a number of improvements and fixes, including 48khz encoding and CineformHD file playback.  


Please post in the Beta Discussions Forum. Always note Beta and include build number.


Mac – http://www.telestream.net/download-files/wirecast/10-0/Wirecast_10_0_0_44_4199b7b7_beta1.dmg

Windows – http://www.telestream.net/download-files/wirecast/10-0/Wirecast_10_0_0_43_4199b7b7_beta1.exe

Release Notes – http://www.telestream.net/download-files/wirecast/10-0/rel-Wirecast-10.0.0_beta1.pdf

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  • Reminder, Please post in the Beta Discussions Forum. Always note Beta and include build number.

  • Is there any more updates on when Wirecast 10 will be available? 

  • Raff Agostino That information will be available very shortly.

  • CraigS can you be more specific? Does shortly mean, days, weeks or years? 

    And should we expect the update or just an announcement about the update? 

  • Raff Agostino expect an update.

  • CraigS ok. Great. When ?

  • Raff Agostino very soon. 😉

  • Raff Agostino now

  • CraigS Thanks heaps. 

  • Raff Agostino You're welcome of course.

  • I am trying to ingest an RTMP URL from Microsoft Stream into Wirecast but after pasting the link into Wirecast, the stream isn’t getting to Microsoft.  

    Below is the actual rtmp that is not getting from Wirecast running on my laptop to Microsoft Stream.  


  • Hi Matt Dalida

    Assuming you want to ingest this as a web stream, it always helps to test in another app. I put this URL into VLC, and it failed. Therefore, it wont work in Wirecast either.

    Try testing yourself in VLC or other stream players... and once you get that working, give it a go in Wirecast.


    P.S. That looks to me as if it is a destination stream url - not something that can be used as a source.

  • Greg Kuhnert yes that’s exactly it, a destination stream URL not a source URL. The Stream RTMP is the content delivery network. 

  • Microsoft's use of the term "ingest" can be confusing. They mean it in terms of the CDN/Server ingesting destination.