Adding Annotations

If I add an annotation it's added to the very top track in my timeline?

For example - for the bulk of my screencast I have a Video track and an Audio Track - Just two tracks to zoom in on when working. For the intro I might have up to another 10 tracks with images and captions etc. So my timeline comprises 12 tracks even though I might only be working with two of them for the bulk of the time. 

If I add an annotation clip, it adds it to the very top track, usually way off screen. I have to drag it down, down, down to sit on top of the video track to work with it. 

Why can it not place itself on the first available track above the track with a clip in it?

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  • That might need either "add to lowest available track" or "target track x."  There may be others who prefer things always be added to the top most track.

    Do make the feature request but we may need to consider user control vs changing the behavior which some might not like.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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