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I had (another) bad experience today. This was my 13th episode of a live show. Was it the fact that it was the 13th episode?

I use a Wirecast document template built from the ground up - and kept clean. I use Dante VIA to capture audio from VLC, and send to a virtual sound card. Wirecast System audio capture is useless, because it also gets rendezvous audio from the guest - and creates an echo. I had used this technique last week perfectly.

And then it came time for the show today. Rendezvous guest came in. At the exact moment he joined (before adding into a shot), my local mic stopped working. He couldn't hear me. I couldn't hear him. His video froze. All of this happened after the opening countdown had started broadcasting. (He was late joining).

I restarted Wirecast. I told it to use the existing rendezvous session. Every time I did that, the existing "stuck" image of him came back on the screen. I tried kicking him out of the session. That also failed.

I started a new rendezvous session and shared the link. Eventually got him back in and proceeded. But, it REALLY looks very unprofessional with your production software being this unstable.

I had another issue as well. My titler live chat messages were not working. I found out later that this was my fault. But, after the show - I was opening up the template to compare to the show specific document. Wirecast crashed. I submitted the support file in ticket 00556664

Ultimately, a lot of my audio problems appear to be related to Rendezvous. I cannot do system audio capture and rendezvous at the same time without echo. I cannot send program audio out to my guests. Even using Dante VIA doesn't help.

Let me add one more point. There was a recent rendezvous show hosted by Andrew inviting Rendezvous guests. He acknowledged using external audio mixing and multiple wirecast computers. Why? Because rendezvous audio is still immature. I would like to put out a challenge Telestream. Do another call-in show... with ONE computer, and no external audio. And tell us how to do it. Please. 

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