No audio streaming, media asserts, and guide?

I'm hoping somebody can help with 3 of main wirecast 7 issues.


I am using a windows 10 pc, wirecast 7.1, and on google chrome.  I am trying to stream to YouNow via virtual cam/mic.  They are able to see my video but not hear me.  When I record local and play back I hear myself fine.  Any idea what it could be?


Or this there some setup guide for how to streeam to younow via Wirecast.  I often bring guests in via Skype and never had a problem before on wirecast 6.  But wirecast 7 nothing seems to be working.


One last thing since I don't wanna create another thread and clutter.  Is there a way to bring back thumbnails for pictures?  It's not easy to switch pictures based on just a file name.  


Thank you for any help or a point in the right direction.  

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  • Try testing Wirecast Virtual Mic in Skype or Google Hangouts to make sure it's working. It's not clear how you've set it up so I'd need details to know that you've done that correctly.

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "bring back thumbnails." They're still there. You can make them live or not live but they're still there. You may have to provide a screenshot.

  • Wirecast Virtual Mic selected in Wirecast Mixer and in Skype with audio meters showing it's working.

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