I've got the same problem as Van Duerzen had. In Ver 6, each time I clicked the Replay Shot button, I added an additional replay to my Layer 1.

In Ver 7 clicking the Replay Shot button creates an initial replay, but after that, clicking the Replay Shot button either does nothing  or, in some cases it just replays the original replay shot.

There are 2 ways I can get additional Replays added:

1) click 'Stop All', then 'Start All'. Then I get one more replay, then I have to Stop and Start before I can get a third replay.

2) use the menu: Replay + ISO | Program Replay | Create Replay Shot

I have also set up Control-R to be a replay hot key, but that also doesn't work. (in the menu listed in step 2 above, it DOES say 'Create Replay Shot   Ctrl-R)'. I've tried it as Global and not global, it doesn't work either way).


The manual talks about a CREATE Replay Shot' button and an UPDATE Replay Shot' button. But they appear to be the same button. Is there actually a difference in CREATING a replay as opposed to UPDATING a replay?

The last paragraph on page 119 of the manual is confusing. That appears to be explaining how to create a shorter clip from a longer video file, not creating an instant replay shot from live action.

I watched the YouTube Wirecast Live episode for replay but that didn't give me any helpful information.

All in all, I wish I had stayed with Version 6.

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  • If you have Replay running and click the red Replay button it will Update the Replay. You'll see the duration change on the Replay shot. If you stop Replay and then Start Replay again it will create a New Replay Shot.

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  • Duration of shot gets longer with each Update Replay

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  • Note that in this version I create a separate HotKey for Create and Update. Once I start Replay each time I hit Create it creates a new shot.

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  • OK, I finally got the create replay hotkey to work, so things are pretty much working as I need them to now.

    BTW, on page 71 of the manual, it says that 'r' is the keyboard shortcut for creating a replay. But it doesn't work for me. I set up Shift+r as a hotkey and that is working, but just 'r' would be easier. Why might that not be working? Is there a difference between a 'hotkey' and a 'shortcut key' (other than that hotkeys can be made global)?

    Thanks for your answers for all 3 of my questions. Telestream has one of the best user forum help I've seen. (while Ustream has the absolute worst).

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  • "r" isn't creating replay for me either. Testing Wirecast 7.0.1 on Windows 10. Do fill out the form and report the issue.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • I'm trying to create a hotkey for Mark In and Create Replay and it's not working. What am I doing wrong?

    I've tried checking the "global" boxes as well

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  • I changed the Hotkeys to Shift+R and Shift+M and it started working, but it only works with one replay source at a time.

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  • Chad Jenkins have you tested in Wirecast 7.3? If it's still not working the way you'd like you may want to make a feature request.

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  • Hi Craig!

    Finally after reading this post I understand how the replay works!

    and I am here again with a new question...

    Can I send the clip replay in slow motion or how can i do it to create one?

    tnx 4 your time! Andrea

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  • Andrea Pacini ok perfect.. i find it now how to enable the slowmotion.. but it's possible setting to default?
    because at every clip in replay i change the setting.. and i work with instant live(INSTANT LIVE GO) i put OFF auto GO, change settings on new clip replay and reactive auto GO...

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  • Andrea Pacini Default slowmotion sounds like a good feature request. I think that could be a common use. Fill out the form and make the request.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS Infinite thanks Craig! compile a Request Form ^____^

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  •  Andrea Pacini You're welcome of course.

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  • Hello, we are just getting started with instant replay.  We just updated to Ver8.  Does anyone know if the default slow motion feature request made it into Ver8?

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  • Bruce Ferguson Not yet. I'll make sure LP  logs the additional request. 

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  • Bruce Ferguson no good news.. always waiting

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  • CraigS Requests documented in engineering database. Original request was made a year ago. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • CraigS hi CraigS!

    one questions, how to configure the Replay file to have only the replay shot and not the entire or almost show? because inside the folder replay i have many files of show and not the only Replay files

    I have noticed that in the middle of the show the presence of lags (the duration of the noise both audio and video lengthen) are much longer than in the beginning

    if you succeed in solving the problem of lag it gets much better ^____^



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  • Andrea Pacini You could delete the shot.
    "When Deleting Replay Shot: Delete Recording"
    should remove the recording.
    If you have the shots, it has to hold on to the recording.

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  • CraigS but why i have the clip that i don't have create?

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  • Andrea Pacini Each time you stop and start Replay it creates a new Replay folder.
    Each time you create a new Replay Shot it creates a Shot attached to a MOV file.
    As long as you are recording though it has to keep creating MOV files since they have to be ready when you create the shot. If you are recording then it has to keep recording.

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  • CraigS hi Craig, I think I solved this way.

    whit Activate Replay Manually i find inside the Replay folder only file that i have Take...

    if i push Stop and again Start the "Rec Iso" function, inside the Folder Replay, find a new folder but always only the replay clips.

    it's perfect ^____^


    now I'm waiting for the automatic slow motion replay function eheheh! 💜

    tnx 4 your time!

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  • Andrea Pacini Great to hear you solved it. We're investigating the automatic slow motion feature.

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