converting from 1080P50 to 1080i50 not working

I want to convert Apple Prores 1080P50 to 1080i50. For this I check the "interlace box" and I swich to "upper first". The result of this conversion is a 1080P25 file.

I tried different codecs and settings. None of them works.I use Episode Mac 7.1.0

Thanks for your respond,


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  • Look at the StdConv Progressive to 1080i29.97. While you're using PAL compatible frame rates, the principle is the same. Note use of Field Order, Advanced Frame Rate and Interlace filter. Experiment with that and see what happens.

  • Dear Craig,

    The source of my problem is the GoPro .mp4 file. The 1080P50-file from the GoPro is actually a 1080P25 file with doubled progressive frames. The interlacing filter of Episode works perfect, but on these GoPro files it is not visible.

    Thank you for your help!


  • Interesting find. Thanks for reporting that.

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