Mix to Mono in Screenflow 6

Just updated to Screenflow 6 and I don't see the "mix to mono" button.  I see you can adjust with this weird slider, but not input an absolute value. 



And then when I have selected multiple audio tracks, I used to be able to mix all to mono at once. Now I can't!



This is frustrating because my microphone only records one channel and I need to mix all tracks of mono. Since screenflow doesn't have an option to do this when you record like most programs, I need to do it after the fact. Now you have taken this away all together. 

How can I fix this? 

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  • Will Darling This is indeed frustrating but part of a larger, more general problem with ScreenFlow. One can easily select all or many samples on a track but it is not currently possible to operate on all selected samples in all of the ways one might like to do. In addition to your example, I would cite not being able to uniformly change the duration of images in a slideshow of hundreds. Other users will be able to cite use cases similar to ours. 

    I've submitted a feature request on this subject and suggest that you and others bitten by this do so as well. We're told that more requests raise the priority.

  • Frank Lowney Thanks Frank...feature request now submitted...

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    I can't emphasize enough how important sending in those feature requests are. The developers count the number of requests so ALWAYS send in a request even if someone else has. Once you get a case number you can then follow up by email regarding a status update on a given request. Each different feature request should be on a separate form.

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