Rendezvous fails with my guests removing them from the panel and when they join I do not see them anymore, nor do I listen

Hello, I've been testing rendezvous for a few weeks and I'm finding a constant failure, my guests enter and we can engage in a good conversation in image and audio, but as the minutes pass by something foreign to them, it disconnects them, and when they re-enter with some I have problems seeing them and listening to them again, either some do not see them, or they do not see me, or they do not listen to me or there are different cases, this is constant, that I can do, since I work with different people, and each one has good internet, and they work in google chrome from windows and mac, so I do not know what the factor is for all the same thing happens to them ...

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  • Wirecast 12.1.1?

    Have you read our Best Practices ?
    Internet connections can change over time.
    The browser your guest is using may be a factor.
    The version of Chrome for example. Also, Test in FireFox.
    Are you using Reconnect to Previous Session?

  • CraigS 

    Hello, I am using 11.1.1

    My guests have tried with Google Chrome, Safari, and with explorer ...

    And I tried without reconnecting, making a new session, even reconnecting does not work, you think it's the wirecast version

  • Kriztian said:
    Hello, I am using 11.1.1

     We've made improvements to Rendezvous. Please update to 12.1.1.

  • CraigS 

    CraigS said:
    We've made improvements to Rendezvous. Please update to 12.1.1.

    Just a FYI, this is a known issue. Matthew and I have reproduced this many times, and its been sent to support. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Rendezvous guest and local host in a shot in Wirecast.
    2. Do not activate audio monitoring via Rendezvous dashboard - Send that audio to  a non active destination.
    3. Refresh browser.
    4. Guest turns into a ? and cannot be heard on live monitoring.
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  • Greg Kuhnert Allow  Kriztian  list the steps. I can't make assumptions about any issue since there can be variations.

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