Gear 210 Multi monitor issue


Installed a Gear 210 today, brand new. Running 12.2.0 (22.bc4a3c29).

We have 2 32" LG monitors connected to the machine HDMI. Windows desktop always extends properly across, Monitors 1&2 identify correctly in both Windows properties and Wirecast Multi-Viewer Output setup.

However, when we enable monitor 2 multi0view, it always shows up on monitor 1. No matter what I do it's on monitor 1. I cannot get a multi-view to show up on monitor two. I can move the program control interface over to 2, but not use 2 as a multi-view output (even though it says it's there)

I also notice, if I try to check just one of the two monitors in the Multi-Viewer drop down, they will check and uncheck both at the same time.

I updated the driver for the video card as well as drivers for the monitors.

We have installed about 1/2 dozen of these setups in the past 2 years, all but one with 2 monitors, and never had this issue. I even logged into one of our previous installs and verified it works as it should. We like to set it up with the layers on the left monitor and the live output fullscreen on the right.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • Can you test with a different brand second monitor? It's a hunch so I'd like you to test that before I make any assumptions.

  • Not easily at the moment, jobsite is over an hour away and we're not scheduled to go back short term. I have remote access to the machine for trying software fixes though.

    I will add we did a system about 2 months ago, almost identical, both the same model LG monitor, same series as the ones on this job just a smaller screen, and that setup had no issue. There have been updates to Wirecast since then though..

    What are you thinking?


  • Tom Gunderson Since both monitors as same brand and model the program is not distinguishing between the two. I can't say for certain without comparing the behavior on the system though (just in case it's another issue). It may not be a universal issue. just specific to this model.

  • CraigS Ok. I was thinking about this as a possibility as well, though while in Wirecast if you hit the identify in the Multi-view setup it does correctly identify monitor 1 and 2. Maybe just a bug?

  • Tom Gunderson said:
    Maybe just a bug?

     It could certainly be a bug but we should confirm it's related to monitor ID. It may identify two monitors but not know which is which when it comes time to send output. Using a different second monitor would be a quick confirmation. Perhaps you can have someone local to the jobsite test?

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