Problem adjusting the length of replay clip in the preview window

When I enlarging the lenght of the replay clip with the magnifying glass icon in the preview window and then I click to set IN/OUT point, the lenght of the clip it becomes small again and I cant adjust precisely the duration and the In/out of the clip. Why is that?



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  • You may need to provide a visual example. It may depend on the duration of the clip. 

  • It doesn't matter the duration of the clip or the configuration that I set. Always happends the same thing. I work in sport live event and I buy Wirecast Pro only for the Instant replay option but until this day I can´t use it. What could be the problem? 



  • Nicolas Andres Soto Diez 
    Seems something specific to your system since, as you can see, it works as expected for me.

    Please check your Replay settings.

  • CraigS As I told you, I tried with all the replay settings, ISO and the settings that comes by default and it did not work. I have the last Wirecast version, the lastest macbook pro and OSX. 

  • Nicolas Andres Soto Diez Try resetting Wirecast Preferences.
    Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but select lower left Reset Preferences and that restart Wirecast and test in a new blank document setting up Replay again.

  • CraigS I just restart Wirecast and still the same problem. I even used a mouse because I think that might be a problem of my mouse pad, but no, I still with the problem.

  • Nicolas Andres Soto Diez Can you screen capture the process of you using Replay?

    I'm trying to see how to reproduce the issue since it works as expected for me. 
    To keep it simple just use Facetime webcam as your only source.

  • Hi CraigS Sorry for the delay. Here is the video that you ask.

  • Nicolas Andres Soto Diez That video helped. I followed your steps exactly. It's a very slight difference than the way I was doing it and the same thing happened to me.

    Fill out the form and report the issue. Include a link to this forum thread. When you get the email with case number send in the Capture video.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • I am so tired of waiting for an uptade that solve my issue. It happend the same thing and it doesnt matter what I do. How they cant solve a little problem like this. I can't develop my work with confidence and that frustrates me. Im very dissapoitment to have purchased the pro version.

  • Nicolas Andres Soto Diez You should email support with your case number and ask for a status update. The purpose of the case number is to help you with direct communication with support.

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