AKAI APC 40 MK ii - Key Mapping Customisation


Many of us have asked for key mapping for the Midi Controller. I have one particular set of key mapping that I wanted to do, and I've worked out how to do it by editing XML. I thought I'd document it here in case it helps others.

But before giving the XML, let me tell you my goal. In Wirecast, there are three buttons above the preview/live area.

  1. Start/Stop Broadcasting
  2. Start/Stop Recording
  3. Start/Stop ISO

It frustrated me that my controller was incapable of doing these functions. So that is what I've added into my XML.

On a mac, the file you need to edit is


You will find a file midi_controllers.xml somewhere in the wirecast program files directory on a Windows system.

In that file, the first main section relates to the APC 40 MK ii controller. If you add the three lines below in bold to your XML file, this will allow you to add the three functions listed above which will map to the Play / Record / Session buttons on the AKAI controller.

NOTE: This is not officially supported by Telestream. If you break your copy of wirecast, don't expect support from Telestream. Do this only if you know what you are doing with XML editing.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<MidiControllerConfigs name="MidiControllerConfigs">
<Config name="APC40mk2" controllerName="APC40 mkII">
<DeviceInquiry data="f0 7e 00 06 01 f7" />
<DeviceInit data="f0 47 00 29 60 00 04 41 08 05 01 f7" />
<Event first="0x90" second="91" command="cmd_broadcast_toggle" />
<Event first="0x90" second="93" command="cmd_save_to_disk_toggle" />
<Event first="0x90" second="102" command="cmd_replay_and_iso_toggle" />
<Event first="0x90" second="32" command="cmd_shot_and_layer_select_0_0" />
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  • And of course make sure you've made the feature request and if you have already, use your case number and ask for a progress report.

  • As I said at the start of this post...

    Many of us have asked for key mapping for the Midi Controller

    This is already tracked in the community tracker - and has been assigned a development team jira ticket number WIRE-13919. Its also elsewhere in the forum here 10 months ago.

    I'm posting the alternative method as an alternative until it reaches the work queue of the developers.

    If people want to map more keys, it should be possible. I used a tool called "Midi Monitor" on OSX to get the midi values... and translated that into the data in the XML file. It needs a bit of work, but it is possible.


  • Greg Kuhnert But don't forget to ask for the progress report. It's a little nudge to the developers.

  • Bryce Stejskal

    I saw you commenting on Midi changes for another controller that was dependent on other upstream keyboard mapping changes. While that may be true, there are some simple wins that could be looked at earlier, with zero code changes - only configuration.

    I posted this thread over a year ago, and there was a corresponding ticket and so on. This is an XML change, that will enable start/stop broadcast, start/stop recording, and start/stop ISO on an Akai APC40 MKii. It is TRIVAL to get this working. Is there any reason why this request (and the corresponding ticket) was ignored for over a year? It's not a request to send a spacecraft to the moon, we're talking about a simple XML change, where the details were already provided to you.

    And before you ask, don't ask me for the ticket number, unless you can provide me a client portal where I can look at my historical tickets.

  • Is it possible to add another Midi Controller in the midi_controllers.xml? 

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      • CraigS
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      Tobias Stich If you have a specific Midi Controller in mind please do fill out the form and make the feature request.

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