Intel UHD Graphics 630

I'm thinking of using the new Mac Mini with an Intel UHD Graphics 630. Will this Intel graphics be sufficient?

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  • It should be but I don't think we have one in house yet. There might be limitations on how some Multi-Viewer Output features work. For reasons such as that some are wondering about eGPU as well but we haven't tested that yet.

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  • Put in a Request that we test

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS I am very curious about this setup as well. I was going to start a new thread but found this topic already.

    What are the thoughts on the new Mac Mini with i7 processor and Intel graphics for some pretty basic 3-4 source livestreams. I currently have a 2015 Macbook Pro from Mid-2015 (Retina, i7, Radeon M370X GPU) but am limited to 2 Blackmagic Mini Recorders and 1 USB 3 input - where the USB 3 is not a reliable source. I know that the new Macbook Pros don't have the bus power for more than 2 or 3 mini recorders as well. But the Mac Mini should have beefier power and has four Thunderbolt 3 and two USB 3 ports. Paired with a wireless mouse/keyboard and portable monitor, this could be a nice travel system for multi-cam and program feed live events, right?  Or would the new Macbook Pro with an external PCIe enclosure and multiple SDI PCIe card work better because of the better GPU?

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  • Geoff Moskowitz type of sources (codec vs uncompressed), frame size, frame rate and the encoder settings are a factor. We haven't tested the new MacMini yet.  I'm not sure how the TB3 bus power is on the Mini but I suspect there's still a two MiniRecorder limit given the bus power those use. Keep in mind the ports may share power. We haven't tested eGPU yet. The previously posted form and tell us what you'd like us to test (MacMini i7 and eGPU support).

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  • CraigS That's what I figured it might be, but would love to know for sure! I submitted the form from above making that request. I'll keep an eye out if anyone I know gets one to do some tests myself.

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  • Geoff Moskowitz User reports would certainly be good.

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  • I received a reply from submitting the form and they said it should work fine. I have a Mac mini coming on Monday the 19th. I'll try to report back how it performs. I will be using 2 NDI cameras with it, so reportedly there might be a problem with a Mac and NDI sources. If that happens, I'll have to use a PC :(.

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  • John Merrill I would be really interested in your Wirecast performance with the Mac Mini. Looking forward to that feedback 😀

    Personally, I'm disappointed that the iMacs weren't refreshed yet, waiting for i9 in that. So I was thinking buying a cheaper Mac Mini might bridge the gap for us until that comes out.

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  • John Merrill It would be great if you wrote about your experience with the new Mini and posted here. I'm sure a lot of users will be interested.

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