Cant get Wirecast Go to work


Newbie here evaluating the program.

Running Trial of 11.1.0 on windows 10 with Wirecast Go 2.1.2 on iPhone X.

When I Add Shot & select IOS Cam - Wirecast Go, ip address is blank. When I add ip (in this case & click connect, nothing happens. definitely on the same network.

Thanks in advance




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  • Let's see if something is hung. Reboot the computer. Hard turn off the iPhone and restart it. Start Wirecast Go and then start Wirecast. Give it a minute or so. Actually the iPhone is usually detected automatically. It would say "Todd's iPhone" or similar. Try disabling any Firewall if you have one.



  • Thanks @CraigS,

    Disabled my TrendAV, done all steps you mentioned & no device is being detected under Network. Would it matter that im using Windows version of Wirecast? 

    I also tried my ipad with same result

  • CraigS I also just tried personal hotspot network & put my windows computer & ipad on that network as well. Same problem

  • Todd Lane said:
    Would it matter that im using Windows version of Wirecast? 

     No. Wirecast Go and Wirecast don't care. 
    Are you on current iOS 12.1.2?
    Try deleting Wirecast Go from the iPhone and download reinstall it.

  • CraigS on iOS 12.1.1 tried what you said & still doesn’t work

  • Todd Lane  Please update to 12.1.2

    Then try resetting the phones network settings.

    From the home screen, tap Settings.
    Scroll down to, then tap General.
    Scroll down to, then tap Reset.
    Tap Reset Network Settings.
    Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.

  • CraigS already on 12.1.2 & shouldn’t have to be taking all of these steps to get this going. Loosing interest rapidly 

  • Todd Lane Wirecast Go and Wirecast works without issue. There may well be something blocking access on your network. Reseting aspects of the phone helps if the issue is on the phone.

    Since this is likely a configuration issue it's hard to know what the cause is from our end.


    If you are unable to connect, please check the following:

    • Firewall/security settings
    • Network discovery settings
    • iOS settings in Wirecast Go - set to Ask Permission or Always allow, NOT Disabled
    • Network and subnet

    Please note: Wirecast Go 2.1 is supported on iPhone 6 and above running iOS 10.3 or later. 




    Please Note: If you are running Windows 10 and want to bring in an iPhone as an iOS cam shot, you must have Bonjour Services installed.


    You can fill out the form but list everything you've done so far and include all version numbers.  We're certainly willing to help but do understand that Wirecast Go and Wirecast do work together and there are certainly phone and system issue that can block it though.

    Wirecast Go Support Form

  • Hi Craig,

    Ive decided to use my new Mac instead & wanted to let you know that Go instantly connected. Think it might be the Bonjour issue.

    Now that my faith has been restored, Im super keen to keep exploring Wirecast & have number of how to questions to run past you guys.

    Its also interesting to note that cpu & memory are also much better one the Mac even though very similar specs.

    Thanks for your help on this issue. Really REALLY appreciate it.


  • Todd Lane Great to hear. You're welcome of course.

  • I was having the same issue with Windows 10, the most recent version of Wirecast Go and Wirecast 11.1.2 .   It ended up being easy to resolve.  All I did was put my iPhone in Airplane Mode leaving my WiFi on and the captured image from my iPhone immediately showed up in the preview screen of Wirecast desktop.  Good to go.  Hope this helps.

  • Charles Gee Interesting suggestion.

  • i cant get wirecast to recognize my iphone i get this screen can anyone tell me what this means

  • Bill Because you've hit the red button in Wirecast Go. If you're using your phone as a wifi camera you don't need to do that. Just select your iPhone under Network iOS Cam - Wirecast Go when you add the shot. 


  • Hello!  Unfortunately having issues using my iphone 11 as a cam with wirecast go.  I will say I did get them both working great with Rendezvous earlier today.  I really want to use my phones as a cam consistently and don't want to keep making new Rednezous groups.  I just purchased wirecast pro a few weeks ago, and my software is up to date.  I am also running the most current version of iOS on my phone.   I fiddled around with it for a few hours last night and got it to work out of nowhere and I saved my document hoping I could hop back on tomorrow and start working on my project.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  Even though I'm on the same network, firewalls off, phone in airplane mode (wifi still on), I even downloaded Bonjuer in hopes that it might help, and I've tried two different phones.  I have also tried installing the app, resetting the phones network settings, restarting the comp, starting from blank, having the app open before opening wirecast, nothing seems to work.


    The exact issue is that I will entire the IP Address provided in the settings on Wirecast go, and then when hit Connect in wirecast, nothing happens.  One time after multiple resets I got the "can't connect to multiple devices etc." error.  If I opened wirecast and it recognized my phone, and all i had to do is click it, I think I'd be so happy I'd cry.  If there is anymore info you need, please let me know.  

  • william Medved  Normally Wirecast will detect the camera automatically although entering the IP address is a backup solution when it doesn't. You may want to try resetting the iPhone's network settings and the hard power off/on the phone.

    There's been a series of iOS updates in short succession. The current version is 13.1.2

  • Hi -


    We've been having similar issues.  Trying on Wirecast 12 and latest Wirecast 13.  Using iPad running IOS 12 something and iPhone XS max running latest 13.1.2.

    Wirecast see both iPad and iPhone immediately in the shot list, but appears black, no camera shot.

    Router is AirPort Extreme, updated to latest firmware, no firewall or anything else.

    Wirecast Remote Desktop presenter works every time.

    Any suggestions?

  • Joshua Iley Reset the iOS devices' Network settings. Reboot the computer and restart Wirecast.

  • @CraigS   and Joshua Iley  I've had luck Resetting Network Settings, opening the app, and then opening up Wirecast.  Sometimes I have to type in the IP address, and today, not sure if it's related to the wirecast 13 update ( I kinda doubt it) but it recognized my phone today for the first time.  Not a fan of resetting my network settings every single time I want to use my phone to stream but, it's better than nothing, which kinda hurts me to say.

  • william Medved  We are certainly looking to make improvements to Wirecast Go. While I've had to do it, it's a very rare occurrence for me. 

  • I was just having the same issue on Wirecast 13.0.2 with Wirecast Go not connecting.  I'm on Mac OS Catalina. I spent a couple of hours diagnosing it.  What worked for me was making sure that Wirecast is added to the firewall settings in Preferences > Security > Firewall.  If that doesn't work, then just disable the firewall (assuming you're on a safe network) and it will immediately connect.  You may have to restart Wirecast Go on your mobile device, but it will work.

  • Derek Hoiem Thanks for that tip.

  • I am using Wirecast Pro 13 with an iPhone 11 Pro, and cannot get them to connect with any regularity.  I seem to have gotten lucky a couple of times, after an hour or so of tinkering, but can't replicate the fix.  This is critical to me right now, as I am a musician trying to do live feeds to replace cancelled gigs.  Please help me resolve this where it will work reliably.

    I even paid for the Wirecast Go app to see if it helped.  Nope.  I have a live stream concert in less than two hours, and I'm pulling my hair out.  Please help(!).

    https://youtube.com/mikemasse That's me. I did a streaming show yesterday after I got it working, but no luck yet today.

    My phone shows up on the list of devices, but I get no picture.  I have allowed the app to use my camera and mic, I have turned off the firewall on my iMac, I have reset the network settings on my phone several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times, restarted my phone several times.


  • Michael Massé are you using a router to connect your Mac and iPhone to? Where are you creating an ad hoc network on your Mac  and connecting the phone to that?

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