Getting IP Address for iOS iPhone 8 Plus

I am using Wirecast 8.3.0

Wirecast Go is installed on my iPhone 8 Plus using iOS 11.2.6


When I try to bring in the camera on wirecast go to wirecast I am not getting an ip address like i expect. 


Screenshot attached. It is a long address. If I enter that address it does not find the camera




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  • Wirecast Go can connect to Wirecast as either a Camera or as a Rendezvous call. That address would indicate it's going through Rendezvous. As a Camera it works through your LAN and uses an IPv4 local address.

    I'd like to help but I need to know the exact steps you're doing.  I'd suggest deleting and reinstalling Wirecast Go and restarting Wirecast and using a new blank document.

    Please include step by step after you've reinstalled Wirecast Go.

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  • Hi - We are having the same issue. Recently upgraded Wirecast from version 6 to version 8 and switching from Wirecast CAM to Wirecast GO. Wirecast GO always shows a IPv6 address. IPv6 DHCP is off on the router. Wirecast will not connect to iphone even when I try to use the known IPv4 address on the phone. Tried uninstalling Wirecast GO and reinstalling. Same issue. Trued removing shot from wirecast and recreating. We have many shots and titles in our wirecast document and it would be difficult to recreate everything.

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  • Phillip Carey Wirecast Go as CAM is always over the local network. Using a CAM you need to make sure a firewall isn't blocking the needed ports. Please disable your Firewall.

    Generally I'd recommend opening Wirecast Go before starting Wirecast and it should detect the Wirecast as CAM automatically.

    Please do test in a New Blank Document to confirm it's working. Perhaps there's an issue with the document.

    Please do check these instructions.

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