Getting IP Address for iOS iPhone 8 Plus

I am using Wirecast 8.3.0

Wirecast Go is installed on my iPhone 8 Plus using iOS 11.2.6


When I try to bring in the camera on wirecast go to wirecast I am not getting an ip address like i expect. 


Screenshot attached. It is a long address. If I enter that address it does not find the camera




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  • Wirecast Go can connect to Wirecast as either a Camera or as a Rendezvous call. That address would indicate it's going through Rendezvous. As a Camera it works through your LAN and uses an IPv4 local address.

    I'd like to help but I need to know the exact steps you're doing.  I'd suggest deleting and reinstalling Wirecast Go and restarting Wirecast and using a new blank document.

    Please include step by step after you've reinstalled Wirecast Go.

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