7.3 - Speech Clip Insert not reliable

As I am testing this new version and I found that when inserting a speech clip my laptop hangs there with a spinning ball without success. I restarted several times and I get the same behavior let's say 50-50%.


I am attaching my mac specs as a point of reference.  

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  • Luis Ruiz said:
    found that when inserting a speech clip my laptop hangs

    Which voice are you using and how much text are you entering?
    ScreenFlow is just using the internal OS speech functions.

    Are you running other programs especially ones that might also be accessing Speech?

    It's working for me every time. Testing on 10.13.3 on new iMac Pro.

  • This may be contagious. Three other laptops here, newer iMac Pros, are experiencing the same problem but using v 7.2

    We are making some new marketing clips and when I asked to copy and paste some short text into speech clip they all hang with a spinning ball.  they all look at me like "you are not making this screenflow popular any more"

  • Luis Ruiz While I don't use the feature often it's always been 100% reliable for me and is with my iMac Pro on 10.13.3. Since it's an OS speech function check the OS on all affected machines.

  • CraigS 

    This feature for us is usually the beginning of a project video when the script is already available.  Call it webinars or marketing clips. Typically works, this is the first time in this 7.2 and 7.3 beta version

  • Luis Ruiz If it's become intermittent the question was it with the update to 7.2 or an recent OS update. That's why it might be relevant to include the OS of each machine affected. There's also been a recent OS supplemental update which might be a factor. The more information provided the better the chance we can find a correlate. ScreenFlow 7.2 was released about Dec 27 but OS 10.13.3 was released Jan 23 or thereabouts, OS supplemental update even more recently around Feb 19.

  • With v7.2. The other laptops have this system and we all see the same unreliable behavior when attempting to add a speech clip. I hope this helps.  I see this spin ball happening in both 7.2 and 7.3

  • Luis Ruiz I'm not ever getting a spinning beachball two different systems. Perhaps you have a third party program or a preference setting relating to speech that might be impacting things?

    Create a New User Admin account which have default preference settings and with no LogIn items, test in the new account.

  • Rory Maloney may want to have a look at this to investigate.

  • Luis Ruiz

    Thanks for letting us know, I was able to reproduce your issue. This supplemental update may have been the cause... I'm only able to reproduce the issue on my 15" MacBook Pro, it doesn't occur on the 13" MBP or the iMac Pro. I'll investigate this more. 

  • Rory Maloney 

    I am glad you replicated the issue. I was beginning to think it was my imagination. 

  • I had installed the supplemental update on two of the six macs I use. In both cases they created so many problems I rolled back and won't install it on any of my computers at this point. As a result, the computers I tested on don't have it installed.

  • Did this ever get resolved?  I am having the same problem.  Every few tries, when performing an Insert > Speech Clip, after entering the text and clicking to continue, the dialog box disappears and nothing is added.  Then, if I try to go again to Insert > Speech Clip, I get the rainbow cursor and Screenflow hangs.  If I force quit and try again, it will immediately hang when going to Insert > Speech Clip.  If I completely reboot my computer (Mac Pro), it will work for a few more times, then it has the problem again and I have to once again reboot.  

    BTW...I didn't know this was Beta software.  From what I can tell this is the latest "stable" release.

  • Oh, and I also notice it tends to happen when adding a bit longer text.  For example, short items under 10 or 20 words seems to work, but if you add a couple of sentences, that's when it has the problem.

  • Kevin Carmony If you are using ScreenFlow public beta please update to the Release version of 7.3. Issues with the Release version should be posted in the regular forums.

  • I am using the release version.  I only posted here because I saw this thread with the same issue so added my input.  I have gotten around the problem by breaking things down to only one short sentence at a time.  

  • Kevin Carmony Please post issues about the release version in the general forum. The response and support assistance are different for beta and release.

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