File format i ScreenFlow 6 (and 7?)

I'm a long time user of ScreenFlow, producing "flipped learning" videos for chemistry and biology. I have issues syncing ScreenFlow files between different computers because my syncing software doesn't handle MacOSX packages correctly – it incorrectly sees them as folders.

Now, I wonder, is there some way to make ScreenFlow not save its files in a package format, but instead as a proper file? My workaround so far has been to convert the .screenflow files to .zip, which syncs correctly.

Also, does anybody know how ScreenFlow 7 handles its files? If it saves the files as proper files, and not packages, I'm going to upgrade this instant! 😊

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    I'm not quite sure what your intention is. .screenflow is a project which contains,not only the files but the edited timeline. The ScreenFlow recording contained in the Media folder of that project is an .scc file. You can move projects from one to another compatible copy of ScreenFlow. You can import the .scc file into another open ScreenFlow Project much as you import other files. When using syncing software, such as Dropbox, you'd generally want to zip a Project but that's not specific to ScreenFlow. You'd do that with any software that saves packages.

    A package and file are two different things. A folder is a container, not a file. 
    .scc files are recordings.

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