How Do I Find Where to Set WC as the Live Encoder on Facebook on the Publishing Tools Page?

I just sat in on the Wirecast 9 webinar (15 MAY 2018) and saw a very hasty presentation on the new "paired encoding" for FB.  I worked all the way through the process to generate a code, pasted it into my FB page, returned to WC and watched it verify, but got a spinning circle that never quit.  I figured the next step was to go to the FB Publishing Tools page and set WC as the Live Encoder.  I cannot find any reference to in on that page, nor can I figure out how to create a webcast event ahead of time.  I cannot find a Youtube video on how to do this or a tutorial on Telestream's website showing all these steps.

Consider me,

Steamed in Katy

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  • See if this tutorial makes it clearer.

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  • Thanks for putting this video together so quickly.  It does help to explain the steps.  It goes a little quickly near the end with some rapid clicks on screens that come and go without time and/or resolution to see what they are.  This should help get me past the "standby" mode.  DD

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  • Daniel Denham You can always use YouTube's speed control feature to slow down the playback to see what Andrew (the presenter) is doing. Sometimes when you know a product very well you can move very quickly which might be a bit fast for someone just learning something.

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