Streaming to a scheduled Facebook live event

I am not seeing my scheduled Facebook live events appear in the dropdown menu.  The only way to do this seems to be using RTMP.  I can schedule a FB live, but then have no way to stream to it.

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  • There may have been a temporary issue on Facebook's side.

    In Wirecast 8.3 create a new scheduled Event and tell me if it shows up.

  • Nope. I just tried scheduling a FB live within Wirecast 8.3, and its not showing up.  I also tried scheduling on on FB directly. Neither show up in Wirecast.

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  • Marty Jenoff I just tested this and I'm not having an issue. Scheduled several events and quit and started Wirecast and they all show up.

    Are you sure you're accessing the correct Page you Admin that you've scheduled events on in case you have multiple pages?

  • Marty Jenoff It seems that Facebook is rolling out an API update which may impact some accounts so we may be in the middle of a transition period after which we can integrate. You may want to use generic RTMP in the meantime.

  • Marty Jenoff One thing you can try is reseting Wirecast Preferences to see if that helps but if it's an API change then when they complete we can roll out a fix.

    Delete Wirecast Preferences: Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Reset Preferences button.

  • thanks for your quick responses. I tried resetting preferences, and no help.  I'm the admin on several FP pages.  I tried scheduling live events on 2 of them and they did not show up.

  • I also do not have the ability to stream to any Events.  It just shows a list of all my Pages.

  • Marty Jenoff This is likely due to a Facebook change that is being rolled out. Once that is complete on their end we'll be able to implement on our end.

    You can report it but if it's a Facebook issue we'd have to wait until the rollout is complete
    Wirecast Support Form 

  • I have the same issue.

    And the same usual Wirecast response... Pass the buck to facebook and keep their fingers crossed that it's not their problem.

  • James Bailey Sorry you're unhappy with Facebook's service but they are making an API change. Once they complete the change we can implement.

  • CraigS any update on this issue ?

  • Adi Drucker Wirecast 11.1.2 is working well with Facebook's API changes.

  • CraigS Is this features no more available? I have created the event with Live Produced but there is now way I can see that event in Wirecast selecting Facebook Live and my page. The only reason because I was trying to create the event from LP is that allow me to set a custom image for the post, while Wirecast just add the cover image of the page and is not possible to change it in LP after the event is created by Wirecast. 

  • CraigS  I was too fast in writing. Have not figured out if is possibile to see a scheduled FB event in Wirecast but have figured out finally how to change the image of the event created by Wirecast in FB LP. I was just missing that I need to click like if I want to create a new scheduled event and the previous one created by Wirecast will appear and I can change the image! Sorry. Leave this here for reference in case someone need it.

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