Keyframe Frequency Streaming to YouTube

Hello All,

I get the following when streaming to YouTube.


Please use a keyframe frequency of four seconds or less. Currently, keyframes are not being sent often enough, which will cause buffering. The current keyframe frequency is 8.0 seconds. Note that ingestion errors can cause incorrect GOP (group of pictures) sizes.


I'm completely confused on where I need to make the keyframe setting change within Wirecast or if at all?  Where can I can the frequency from 8.0 seconds to 4?  (fake stream key by the way- lol)

My camera is a Canon XF100 with the the frame rate set to 24fps.  I read on a different forum that YouTube works better at 30fps, is that true?  Shouldn't 24fps work just fine?


Could it be here in the "Encoder Presets"?  If so, which setting change is suggested? 



Thanks in advance. 

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  • Yes, try Key frame every 60 seconds and see how the that works out.  

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  • Will Johnson  it's best to use our YouTube presets since they are YouTube approved. Change only if your individual circumstances require it. Our Presets are set to KeyFrame every 60 frames for 30fps.

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  • CraigS Even the YouTube presets are not set right. I get this all the time. I'm getting it now. It's asking for 4 second kf instead of 8 (which is what 720p30fps has).   

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  • jeff Our YouTube preset has a keyframe every 60 frames as shown above (for 30fps. 60 fps is 120 which is still every two seconds).
    If you're using one with 240 it's not one of our YouTube presets (and can't be used with the built in API in Wirecast). You'd have to be using generic RTMP then it's up to you to select the correct preset or make a custom setting.

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  • CraigS OK. I guess I have been using the RTMP standard instead of the YouTube standard. Good catch.  

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  • So in looking at it, I realized the reason I thought it was the YouTube standard was because RTMP doesn't have the YouTube:720p30 option. I don't use the YouTube option because with RTMP, if I have stream issues, I can be offline for a long time and still get back on my scheduled stream (YouTube will end the stream altogether - at least it did last time I used the YouTube option).

    I have since created a new profile from the YouTube 720p30 settings for RTMP. 

    At one time, you could choose any option from the drop-down no matter if you were recording, streaming, or other.   

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  • jeff When using RTMP it shouldn't be too difficult to copy the Preset to use. 
    You can also get to it by adding what's available and the selecting a YouTube preset and Rename and Save it.


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