Switching back and forth between Powerpoint and screens

I'm on a mac and am trying to record a Powerpoint presentation in full screen, then switch back to demo something on the web. So for instance, I will use Powerpoint to go over what I'm about to show people, then I want to switch to my web browser to show them. I can't find a seamless way to transition between Powerpoint full screen mode and the browser window. Has anyone experienced this and found a good work around? I've seen others do it so it must be possible, but I'm a newbie and can't figure it out!

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  • Have both in full screen and then use hot keys to switch back and for between your "Spaces". If you do not want to use that transition then give pauses on either end, snip the "natural" transition, and then add a different one with ScreenFlow.

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  • Thanks for your response. Can you tell me how I access hot keys? Also, is there a hot key already set up for switching apps, or do I need to ceate a custom one?

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  • Sandra Clayton

    The hot keys for moving back and forth between spaces is Control+left/right

    You can configure this in Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control.

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  • Michael Glasser Thank you!

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