Wirecast gear operating noise

Hi I've just received a Wirecast gear box and am setting it up for the first time.  The first thing I noticed when I turned the power on is the level of noise from the fans etc.  Is this normal?  I've been using an iMac with wirecast pro 7 and that is silent.  I was expecting something similar.  Thanks

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  • Is this before starting Wirecast?

    Test before and after starting Wirecast.
    Start Task Manager and look at CPU use before and after starting Wirecast as well.
    Check to see if any other process is using significant CPU resources.

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  • Hi Craig thanks for your quick response and suggestion.  It was before using wirecast without anything extra running. Simply after pushing the power on button.  I'll try it again with running wirecast, will check cpu usage and let you know how I get on.  

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  • So we can compare with a unit on our end. Can you do a recording before using Wirecast from about 3 feet from the unit and post that recording here? It might give us a good idea what you're hearing. 

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  • Please see movie file attached for a quick recording following your instructions above.  I've not edited the file in any way.  Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for your support.

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  • Thanks for that. I can certainly hear the fan in what should be a near idle situation. 

    Fill out the form and let the engineer know you have a sample recording of the fan noise to send in. You'll get a case number via email. Respond back to that email with the file.

    You may want to link to this forum thread so the engineer can download the file from the forum instead just in case there's a file size limit on our end.

    Wirecast Gear Support Form

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  • Thanks very much Craig.  I've done that now.

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  • You're welcome of course.

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  • Just received a wirecast gear 210......mine sounds the same. Opened a ticket with support. Have you had any resolution with the fan noise?

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  • This was the first thing I noticed about my $5,000 Wirecast Gear unit... The fan noise is absolutely horrible. There's no way around it. 

    I opened a support ticket, but I was informed the fan noise is by design to keep things cool. I also moved from an iMac. It's definitely a transition! It is frustrating, having spent upwards of $5,000...

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  • David M. Hi David I experienced the same disappointing experience.  The noise level of the fans in the Wirecast Gear unit compared to an iMac is shocking.  I was particularly frustrated as I want to use the gear unit in a studio environment to record and broadcast live acoustic instruments and vocals, so background noise is unwanted.  In the end I installed a low noise acoustically insulated server rack unit which cost another $2000.  This helps a lot as long as we don't turn on the cooling fan for the server rack while I'm recording is broadcasting.  I hope that Telestream will learn from this and in will install quiet fans in new models of Wirecast Gear.

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  • Anthony Amore Hi Anthony Telestream could not resolve this problem.  Please see my response in the associated post. 

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  • I left pc's years ago for that very reason, fans are too noisy. I have since been using Mac's. When I first seen this gear box, I thought how awesome, but why a pc and not a Mac. I think I will stick with the software. Noisy fans are a native problem for pc's. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Yes I have the software on an iMac and prefer to use it when possible.  Though I have found that Wirecast Gear has more processing power and so it's better for broadcasts with multi sdi cameras and multi mic recordings.  

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  • Do report the fan noise issue with Wirecast Gear though. Include a comparison with another computer or otherwise taking a loudness reading might be useful. The developers may investigate how to improve if possible.

    Wirecast Gear Support Form

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    I did open a ticket and was told by Stephen that's the way it is. At least it's not as loud as the tricaster he uses.

    It was marketed in the video by Andrew that the fans are super quiet and how they looked all over to find this right fan.

    Was also told we could not go into the BIOS to change the fan speed from FULL to anything else as that would void the warranty.

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  • Anthony Amore thanks for adding that information.

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  • I was also told by Stephen that I could not replace the fans as that would void the warranty.

     Craig I think you have to share all these comments with your developers.  I haven't seen the marketing video stating that the fans are super quiet.  I did a decibel test and found that they came in 47 - 49.  That is not quiet in a recording studio.

    Stephen's solution is is to put all gear in a rack mount and use one highly directional mic immediately in front of the mouth of a presenter in the room.  That seems to work well for his set up, but if you want to do more than have a single presenter broadcasting live, then the noise is a major problem in a studio environment.  

    There were only 2 possible solutions:

    1. put the wirecast gear in another room and run the cables through the wall, or

    2. use an acoustically insulated rack mount without switching on the cooling fans when recording or broadcasting with wirecast gear.  That's what we have done and the decibels reduced to 34 - 36.  Combined with cardioid directional microphes such as Stenheisser MK8,, that works ok for us.

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  • Tony Nec People on this thread should make a feature request for quieter fans explaining the issue as you have. It may result in evaluating aspects of the design. I'll certainly bring it up.

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  • Tony Nec  See their wirecast video    WirecastLIve  EP18 Wirecast Gear out of the box


    about the 32:00 mark they talk about how quiet the fan is and make a big deal about it being quiet.

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  • Anthony Amore Thanks for pointing that out. 

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