URGENT: No Audio From Skype

Windows 10 64bit up to date

Wirecast 11.1.2


I am not getting any audio from Skype (set up as a screen capture).  Ive tried reinstalling Wirecast, Skype and making a new project.  Its worked fine for a year, now all the sudden it stopped.  I heard reinstalling the audio drivers may help?


Does anybody know how to do that?  Or any other things I can try?  It did this once before and it started working on its own, then stopped again after reboot and I havent been able to get it back.

 I need to use this tonight, so I am hoping somebody can help.



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  • Update to Wirecast 12.0. 
    Try using Skype NDI out.
    Wirecast will recognize Video and Audio from Skype through NDI.
    Skype > Calling > Advanced > Allow NDI usage.


  • Are you on MAC or Windows.

  • I can bring in Skype over NDI and I can see the caller audio bars coming in (my test call from another skype id)  but how do I get to hear what the caller is saying? Currently, the only way I can hear anything is if I click the headphones monitor on the output window. Problem with this is that I then hear my own voice in the headphones which is not good. Basically, how do I get to hear the caller only audio so I can respond? 

    Any Help Greatly appreciated.


    PS I am NOT on pro-Wirecast but will upgrade if I have to.

  • Martin Cole Skype does not bring in NDI inputs, that option you're checking is for NDI output only. In order to use input you need to have the NDI virtual camera and set Skype to use that (you'll also need to set the virtual input to use Wirecast's NDI out).

    With all honesty though, the virtual camera out of Wirecast is lower latency than the NDI virtual camera and you can also have the audio going through it too.

    [edit] This is ABSOLUTELY not what you asked. I miss-read.

    The audio for the NDI over skype needs to be selected via the cog popout menu of the shot. There are 2 sources that are relevant; any one of the guests will contain all the guest audio and you will need to have the "local" audio as well if you're not recording directly from your mic. This is a limitation from Skype as it provides all audio through a single stream but pushes it through each NDI stream except for your local feed. The best way to ensure that you're hearing your guests is to tap into the skype audio directly with headphones if you can but you can use the preview through Wirecast s long as you understand that if the audio isn't made live you won't be able to hear it.

  • Thanks for replying I REALLY appreciate your help.

    Here is where I am at.

    I have a mic on that is recording me into Wirecast. (all good)

    Sound is coming in from Skype call. I can see it on the monitors and I can hear it with headphones IF I select the headphone icon. (ok so we have audio from Skype coming in)

    The overall problem is that when a caller comes on.

    I need to be able to hear them in my headphones but NOT my OWN voice as we are having a conversation.

    Currently, the only way I can hear the caller is if I select the headphones in the preview or the output window (once live)

    However, if I keep that that checked (and I would need to, to be able to hear the caller)  then as I am broadcasting I am hearing the caller AND my own voice in my headphones which is not good at all.

    I understand that this is something like a Mix Minus that is needed and I have tried all variations of sources but cannot get my skype caller in my headphones without getting myself and all the feedback and volume issues that potentially opens up. 

  • Martin Cole You are right, it is the mix-minus problem. It is one we all have. You need to have a mixing console that can split audio coming in if you want to preview all but your own audio. Essentially, you're previewing your Wirecast audio which includes yourself.

    Honestly, your best bet is to intercept your audio prior to your own voice being added: confirm your audio sources and levels pre-show or know how they will effect the meters visually, use a mixer to listen to your guests audio, feed the mixer into Wirecast and keep an eye on your VU meter.

    There is no getting around it unfortunately as it's the nature of audio mixing live by yourself... Those with colleagues who do the mixing don't generally have the issue as they have the mix-minus (aux channels) that they can send to headphones of talent.

  • Martin Cole Just so the developers have this on record, please do fill out the form and describe the logistical problem. This presents a serious challenge but they should be aware of it.

    Ultimately each person on a Rendezvous call would want a mix-minus but you might imagine that would be quite a challenge in software.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • Ultimately each person on a Rendezvous call would want a mix-minus but you might imagine that would be quite a challenge in software.

    Um. CraigS  - This topic is about Skype... I am trying to understand the relevance of Rendezvous here...

  • Greg Kuhnert Skype would be limited to Virtual Mic. We might eventually have more audio control with Rendezvous. I was thinking of theoretical internal mixer integration. Perhaps my intention wasn't obvious. 

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