Wirecast Rendezvous Audio Issue

Im using a Macbook pro with a Behringer (USB audio codec) mixer connected via USB to my computer. I have my mic and headphones coming through the mixer when I use Wirecast and everything works fine.

I recently tried out rendezvous and I'm trying to find a way to have my guests audio routed to my mixer so I can hear it in my headphones while they're using wirecast go. I just can't figure it out. 

How can I get the wirecast go audio routed to my mixer so I can hear my guests in my headphones?

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  • Wirecast Go Rendezvous goes to the Wirecast so the only way to get it to the mixer is audio monitor out of the computer.

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  • So there's no way to get Wirecast Go audio to go from computer to mixer?

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  • Tramell Thompson Only to Wirecast's internal mixer. There's no separate Rendezvous Computer Output.


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