What are your thoughts on Chroma Key?

The ScreenFlow team is interested in hearing your feedback on the Chroma Key feature.

  • Do you find Chroma Key useful?
  • Is there anything about the feature that you would improve/change? 
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  • David Best We're working on improving chroma key.
    Please make feature requests such as including luma key (black or white keying).

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • For me the gold standard is Final Cut Pro X built-in tool. I use Fill Holes (in concert with the Matte View), Matte Tools, and Spill Suppression the most. I also use the Refine Key tool often to sample color.

  • I love it, and used it, but needs to be improved, many of Stock media contents has black or white background instead of green, tried to use Chroma Key but there is no way to remove white or black colors as I can easily do in Premiere. But to be honest... ScreenFlow 8 and Stock Media library worth the money, and more. Keep it up guys... Great job! ❤️

  • Kevin Maktabi I believe there's been feature request in the Wirecast Feature Request Forum for chroma key improvements so do vote for the ones you want.
    Improved Chroma Key
    Blacks & Chroma Key
    Enhanced Chroma Key Controls Choke & Feather

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  • I use this feature in most of my recordings. Even though I have some pretty good lighting, even the slightest of unevenness causes problems when trying to get a smooth overlay. The tool could use come improvement.

  • Victor Font Please do vote on the feature requests. Developers want to measure interest directly. Thanks for doing that.

  • We used chroma key a lot for a halloween video, and it was hard to get the masking right. It would be useful if we could select more than on point of color, or have additional filters, similar to how Photoshop select tools work with "Select Similar."

    Being able to select at least two shades to mask out would help. For example, we tried to green screen a window and a computer screen using paper. If we could select the light and dark shades of green, it might have worked better.

    Also, sometimes the light casts a green color onto the near by scene, being able to crop, or select the areas to apply/contain the green screen filter would be very useful.

  • Jono Young Good description of the need for more flexible use of the Chroma Keyer

  • Hi Craigs,

    Is the new version (9) of Screenflow improve in any way the chroma key ?
    Frankly that’s what matter to me. ;-)


  • Bernard Sfez We're still working on that.

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  • I was also looking for improved Chroma Key Support in Screenflow 9. I thought since it had been almost a year that it would have been added, as so many people use green or blue screen videos and need for Screenflow to better remove the Chroma Key screen properly. Please Telestream, add improved Chroma Key support to Screenflow soon. Thank You!

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  • CraigS Any ETA when it will be ready? I hope it will come as an update of 9 and we don't have to wait for another year till 10 to see it.

    All of you are so right. My chrome green cloth is quite good but I don't put lightning behind me just for the chroma because it is too cumbersome. And I almost become bald in most of my videos with my hair cutting to almost my skin or head even if choose the green or fiddle with it for hours. If i wanted to become bald, I would rather go to the saloon. So please fix this at the earliest.

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  • Nitaai Kumar If you have a case number with the feature request you can email with the case number and ask for a status update. Otherwise, fill out the ScreenFlow Feature Request Form and ask for a status update. We tend not to talk about features under development publicly so the best way to ask is by opening a case, making the feature request and asking for a status update.

  • Hello,


    I filled the request form and Robert contacted me.
    I replied but my mail went back:


    desktopsupport@telestream.net, ERROR_CODE :550, ERROR_CODE :DMARC Sender Invalid - envelope rejected - https://community.mimecast.com/docs/DOC-1369#550 [vcV5bZgIPiizEprBCIUZcw.us155]

    Reporting-MTA: dns; mx.zohomail.com
    Arrival-Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 07:59:47 +0200
    Original-Recipient: rfc822; Telestream Desktop Support <desktopsupport@telestream.net>
    Final-Recipient: rfc822; desktopsupport@telestream.net
    Status: 550
    Action: failed
    Last-Attempt-Date: 27 Nov 2019 06:16:35 GMT
    Diagnostic-Code: desktopsupport@telestream.net, ERROR_CODE :550, ERROR_CODE :DMARC Sender Invalid - envelope rejected - https://community.mimecast.com/docs/DOC-1369#550 [vcV5bZgIPiizEprBCIUZcw.us155]

    Can you help ?

  • Bernard Sfez Looking into it.

  • Chromakey definitely could do with improving to bring up to the standard of other editors as mentioned already. Biggest problem for me is the narrow colour palette when selecting the correct colour background. Surely a palette brush to enable the precise selection of a colour would be beneficial? The greens available in the palette are simply not GREEN enough and it is impossible to key out black as it is not available on the palette.

  • Everyone may want to vote for it in the ScreenFlow Feature Request forum.

  • The Chroma key on 9.03 is useful, but it has a glitch. Once in awhile the "Color:" Refine Key square becomes all one color green and then losses its ability to do the tayloring of the color in chroma keying. Any solution for this?

  • I agree the chromakey is very poor not least there is no dropper to accurately match the colour and the spectrum has a very limited range of colours. I've never managed to get a good key on Screenflow yet sadly

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  • Please Vote for the improved Chroma Key Feature Request Closing in on 4 years and there are only three votes for it. Developer priority is influenced by user interest.

    Claes Nordholm
    Paul Allen

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