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Hello all,

I am hoping that someone can help me with a problem when recording a stream.  We have the gear 210 with SDI.  When we are broadcasting the sound is fine, however when we record the stream the sound on the recording only has an echo to it.  The echo can also be heard when you plug some headphones into the gear unit itself.

We are running 2 SDI camera and up to 9 wireless mics, usually only one of the mics is un-mutted on the sound board, so I am pretty sure that the echo is internal to the gear unit itself. 

From the sound board we are running into the gear unit using the line in on the backside of the gear unit.

Again this echo is only heard on the recorded version, and not on the broadcast itself.



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  • If you're hearing echo when monitoring Wirecast in Gear that audio is going both to the live stream and recording encoder so I'm not quite sure of your description. If you hear it, it's in the stream as well as the broadcast. If you're doing any kind of local screen capture (Skype, Zoom, YouTube hosted video are some examples) then enabling Wirecast monitoring (turning on the headphone icon) will result in echo since it's all going through the same System Sound.

    Unless you've altered Recording Track Assignments, Broadcast and Recorded version would be the same. 

  • CraigS  Not necessarily the something similar happens to us. We are streaming yet not recording and play a video which sounds great, but the end user will hear the echo. We are using an external mixer and an audio adapter. Mac Min with black magic mini recorder.

  • Fernando Godinez Monitor in Wirecast. If it's good there then it should be good the rest of the way. If you capture system sound then monitoring may cause feedback though because the monitored sound goes back into system sound.

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