Ok to delete the scratch folder?

Even though I am an experienced user of Screenflow, I still get nervous about the significance of .scc files and the scratch folder. 

I've been uploading many created-videos to Dropbox, as zip files, which I understand is the correct procedure, in order to archive and also free up some hard-drive space.  I feel confident about doing this, except that I still see a 6GB Scratch folder on one HD.

I would not be worried about erasing this, except that  only last week I opened one file that I had not opened for a couple of years (which I considered completed and published) , and got the message (whose wording I can't remember exactly) about SF having found salvaged .scc files, and did I want to load these. I can only think these must have been in the HD Scratch folder somewhere.

I remember that on a previous recent occasion I had ignored this message on a nearly-completed project, only to find later It was impossible to Save that project any longer (something about a numbered error and files that could not be "read or written"). I never managed to solve this even with SF-support help, (luckily, I could go back and work on a previous Save, though that meant a lot of wasted time).

I understand that all required .scc files ought to be incorporated in the stored SF project-file), so can someone please just set my mind at rest that it's fine to delete the Scratch folder and move all files to a different location as I have done.  Also any raw-footage and other materials  stored in other folders on the original HD, or anywhere else on one's computer and network.  

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    Once a document is saved all the sources including the SCC file should be inside the document. The scratch disk may be cleared when you reboot the computer.
    As long as the document saved without issue before quitting it should all be good. 
    keep in mind that the last thing you should do before quitting is save. You can always open the document package and check to see everything is in the media folder.

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