Zooming in Timeline View when Detached

Am I doing something wrong? My Numpad + and - no longer zoom in the timeline when detached. I If so, it's odd that the workflow changes entirely. If I select the video window (not the timeline), then '-' allows me to zoom out, but that's it.

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  • In order to use Timeline Zoom In and Timeline Zoom Out you must select the main document window rather than the Timeline. That the case with other Timeline keyboard commands as well.

    See the + and - keys not doing anything until I select the main window rather than the timeline window.


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  • CraigS  Wouldn't that make the advertised multi-screen workflow obsolete? 

    (Massive thanks for the quick reply by the way! 😀)

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  • iSM said:
    Wouldn't that make the advertised multi-screen workflow obsolete? 

     You can put the timeline on another screen. 

    Detach Timeline.
    Select Clip in Timeline
    Add Action
    Hit the + or - to zoom in or out and it works (because ScreenFlow goest back to the main window)

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  • CraigS , I do see what you mean, but I'm talking about large-scale editing/arrangement for projects.

    In this example (S1.) = main-window-screen & (S2.) =  timeline-screen 

    For an everyday task, let's say I notice a clip out of place while zoomed out to view the entire project. I'll add a new 'step' each time workflow breaks down on a single screen. (Trying to expedite workflow, I'll use "⌘ -Tab" to switch vs. moving the mouse from one monitor to the next, and only to move from the timeline screen since my mouse remains above it. God forbid I have multiple sessions open!! 😉)

    1. S2. drop cursor to roughly desired spot for edit,
    2. " -Tab" switch screens to zoom in,
    3. (S1.) "+" Zoom in while watching S2,
    4. (S2.) Scrub cursor to the precise location, 't' to split
    5. " -Tab" Switch screens (so I can zoom out slightly to find the location to where the split clip should be moved)
    6. (S1.) "-" Zoom out while watching S2
    7. (S2.) Drag clip to roughly desired location,
    8. " -Tab" switch screens to zoom in,
    9. (S1.) "+" Zoom in while watching S2,
    10. (S2.) Drag clip to the precise location, 
    11. " -Tab" switch screens to zoom back out,
    12. (S1.) "-" Zoom out while watching S2,

    Over half of these steps relate to switching screens (in Bold). In every dual-screen workstation, this task should be 100% achievable from the Timeline alone. The edits strictly pertain to timeline arrangement; in any other dual-screen workstation, this process would be:

    1. (S2.) "+", Scrub, “t”, "-", Drag, "+", Drag, "-", Done
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  • iSM Thanks for that description. Certainly make the feature request and include your explanation showing why you're prefer full access to keyboard commands when the Timeline is "focused" window.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • Riiiiight... I had completely forgotten about that link. I'll bookmark it this time. 


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  • iSM  You're welcome of course. The developers are certainly listening. Understanding how customers use the product helps them make development decisions.

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  • For anyone reading this down the road, support got back to me super quickly. 😊The "development team is aware of the issue" and "certainly plan to have this corrected in the first update to version 8 (No current eta, as we collect info on other issues affecting ScreenFlow 8.0)"👍👍

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  • iSM Thanks for reporting that.

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