Playing video imbedded in PowerPoint

I am unable to play video in a PowerPoint presentation made by others. Can Switch help me play the video and if so, how. I am minimally computer literate. I have a MAC with High Sierra operating system.

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  • Switch is an independent file player (doesn't play files embedded in other programs).

    Flip4Mac is able to play WMV in Powerpoint but, due to changes Apple made with macOS and Quicktime, it would have to be El Capitan (10.11.6).

  • If Switch can't help with my problem, do you know any software that could help? The reason I purchased Switch is because when I went to get Flip4Mac I was told to get Switch instead because I am using High Sierra (10.13.6). I am using PowerPoint version 16.16. would a newer version help?

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  • Warren T Lavery Unfortunately the changes Apple has made probably precludes any software from working. I think the assumption is most people on Windows would be using H.264 .mp4 instead of .wmv these days and H.264 should work on Macs natively.

  • I have the same issue.  How can I play a video that is imbedded in PPT?

  • Linda Mitchell If the embedded video is wmv and you are on macOS Sierra or newer there is no longer a solution. If you have a Mac with El Capitan and Flip4Mac Player it would work.

  • Warren T Lavery This is exactly the same reason I bought switch. It is pretty misleading to not be clear that this doesn't have the same functionality that Flip4Mac does. I don't care if its Apple's fault about changing the OS. Telestream guys put the table up which looks like Switch is the one to go for. Surely they must  have many people with the "power point wont play" use case.  Dodgy sales practice if you ask me. 

  • Luke Vincent Switch plays WMV files directly. It's not a plugin which is how Flip4Mac was able to do that. Even that macOS Sierra began to break that function.
    Apple no longer supports the technology that would play WMV files embedded in other programs.

    If there's something in the Switch documentation or marketing which implies PowerPoint WMV playback please do point to it.

    If you need WMV file playback, yes, Switch is a solution. WMV playback is built in.

  • I also purchased Switch specifically to play embedded videos in Powerpoint. In your description that states that Switch can play WMV files, you should be explicit and state something like: "Please note that changes to Apple OS no longer allows plug-in support to play embedded video files."

    Can I use Switch Player to export a WMV file to a format that OS 10.14.5 supports?

  • Jeff White Switch plays WMV files directly only. In the description of Switch WMV Support we do provide instructions relating to PowerPoint.

    Jeff White said:
    an I use Switch Player to export a WMV file to a format that OS 10.14.5 supports?

     As also noted in the above description Player, Plus, Pro all can convert WMV to H.264 MP4

  • I am very disappointed for the very same reason:


    Wanting to play videos from a windows-prepared ppt presentation on a mac, I was directed to that page:


    which says:

    "Read this page to see which plug-in supports your version of Mac OS X."

    This page is the following, on your website:


    where it is stated:

    "Are you running macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later? Check out Switch!

    If you are running macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later, use Switch to play back and convert Windows Media into a format that will be compatible with your computer."


    So, people who have this issue, are clearly directed to buying Switch, which does not offer a solution to the issue!


    I would like to request a refund, since I was misled to buying the product...

  • What is more, the directions for powerpoint users  you point to above do not come with the simple switch version, since one cannot export movies with it, just view them. Which is readily done with free software like VLC...

  • Marios Georgiadis Sorry but due to changes in macOS we can no longer support playing WMV files embedded in PowerPoint. Switch can play WMV files directly.

    We no longer sell Flip4Mac again, because of changes made by Apple. Switch has our own built in WMV player but, again, it only plays WMV files directly.

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