VOTE - Feature Request - Fast Playback Speed Controls

Screenflow - In my case, I often create a video with multiple edits. Next, I will need to review the file, but since I want to do it quickly, I might export the file at a low resolution so it goes quickly, and then I will play that back in the great program VLC - which allows me to easily fast-forward or rewind and the playback speed is very adjustable. Therefore I am able to review the file very quickly.

Once complete, I can go back to screen flow and then export properly.

Feature request: please add some Fast Playback Speed Controls so that we might edit more quickly. Suggested speed playback might be 1x, 1.25x, 1.5, 1.75 and 2.0x

Along these lines, here is another type of use case. In addition to basic video creation, I find it quite handy to make personal videos - to remind myself of various Computer related technical issues. For this purpose, there is no real need to export the file, and I find myself going back to the screen flow or original and just watching that.

So, for this purpose variable playback speed controls would be quite helpful.

Thanks Dave

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