Create multiple shots in Wirecast using same Wirecast Go camera

Using Wirecast v10, and using 2 iPads both of which are on the Wirecast Go.  I am able to pull in the video from both iPads no problem.  

What I would like to do is be able to create different shots of these iPads in Wirecast but I can't find the 'source' for either of them.  I can "Duplicate" one shot but when I go to Add a Source I don't see it (any iPad IP) listed.

So far my only workaround is to create one shot of all iPads, then duplicate that so I have all my iPads and delete or remove the iPad I don't want or add other sources (Main Camera (HDMI 1-4)).  

Why won't the iPads show up as Sources so I can just pluck them from a list?  Al  is shown is "iOS Cam - Wirecast Go" with nothing listed.

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  • Please update to Wirecast 11.1 on Windows or 11.1.1 on Mac. 

    If your camera is detected it could look like this. You can add it to any number of shots.

  • I too am trying to do this! However, my Network section contains the iOS Cam - Wirecast Go section, but no sources appear there, even though I have two iOS Wirecast Go Sources created already.

    How do I fix this?? I'm on 13.1.3 of Wirecast, and latest Wirecast Go version on iOS devices. Thanks!!

  • Scott Karlins said:
    I'm on 13.1.3 of Wirecast

     Wirecast 14 improves the reliability of the connection with Wirecast Go. Please update to Wirecast 14.0.4 and test in a New Document.

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