Using double systems: one for switcher, one for streamer


We've decided that to take the streaming/encoding load off our switcher Macbook Pro 2013 i7 Quad 2.6, we'd like to use a Mac Mini i7 Quad 2.3 for streaming/encoding duties with a BMD Mini Recorder Thunderbolt. 
Since using NDI, the CPU load has gotten too heavy for the Macbook Pro to handle while using our AJA io4K with 3 1080p sources and 1 1080p output. 

Do we have to buy another license for Wirecast to do this?

Can we use Gameshow for the streaming system instead, if cost is prohibitive? 

Want to avoid resorting to OBS. 


Thank you,

George Whittam

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  • To run Wirecast on two systems you'd need two licenses. Gameshow only streams to certain CDNs like Twitch, HitBox, YouTube Gaming so you'd be limited to those destinations.

    Make sure you've explored all options to lower CPU use on your 2013 MBP though. Using Apple H.264 (Intel QuickSync) encoding, disable live icons, not using the Preview window (going AutoLive ... but only if that workflow is viable) and avoid scaling (granted not alway possible). When playing back recorded files use ProRes instead of H.264.

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  • OK, so, we couldn't afford to buy two Wirecast licenses...

    Dare I admit it here, we tried using OBS on the Mac Mini for the streaming duties, and it was a disaster.  The Mac Mini was choking badly, and each time we stopped the stream we had to manually reload the FB Live key and re-embed the FB live video on our website.  It was a major PITA.  

    Instead, we went back to streaming/capturing on the Macbook Pro, and it performed marvelously.  CPU use was sustained around 80-90% throughout, but we had no noticeable dropped frames or sync issues during the 1.5 hour program. 

    What I didn't notice was that the system was using x.264 instead of the Apple H.264, so the load was heavier than necessary.  

    Encoding/streaming/capturing at 4mbps 720p using Apple H.264 helps a good deal, it turns out.  My tests today showed it dropped CPU use by about 15%.  

    We're abandoning the dual system rig for now and sticking with what DOES work, and that's Wirecast!  

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  • George Whittam Thanks for that report.

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  • I use a basic Mac Mini for video switching of my Black Magic TV Studio
    into my MacBook Pro Lap Top using Wirecast connected with a blackmagic SDI-Thunderbolt recoder.  This way I can have a video switcher and the producer using 2 different computers.

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  • JOSHUA MARS Thanks for that workflow tip.

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