No Audio coming back from Headphones

Hello, I'm currently running Version 7.3.0 and for some reason I can't hear audio from my headphones when plugged into my Mac. I can see the audio coming through but when im trying to monitor I can't. What solution does this have?

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  • First update to Wirecast 7.6. Updates include fixes and enhancements so always stay current.

    David Lopez said:
    I can see the audio coming through

    See where?
    If you see the Wirecast output meters the audio is there. There's a speaker icon which sends audio to the encoder. There's a separate headphone icon which sends audio out for monitoring.


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  • CraigS I see the volume levels going up so I know audio is coming thru. The headphone icon is active, meaning audio should be coming through but it doesn't. I have yet to update software 

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  •  David Lopez Do update and check the OS System Sound Output Preferences. They may not be routed to speakers or headphones. Monitoring audio on USB or Bluetooth devices can sometimes be an issue so you should route to headphone/speaker jack.


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  • Hi Craig,

    I am having the same issue.. I went through and did everything that you suggested that I do as well. I updated, I looked at sound in system preferences and I looked at sound in Wirecast... It does show something coming through though just as the above person has stated. I am not sure why I can't hear the sound through my headphones. :(

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  • Rachel Durant Perhaps you missed a step? Otherwise perhaps there's an issue with your headphones or headphone jack. I'd really need to see your step by step to see if you missed anything. If Wirecast headphone icon is enabled and System Sound Preferences are correctly set, you'd be able to monitor as you would any other sound source. There's nothing specific to Wirecast that would prevent that. 

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