Wirecast 13.1.3 jumps out of video in playlist even the end is not reached

Hi folks,

as i described in the title i have massive problems with my playlists. i have several playlists with one video inside just to structure my livestream for my stream deck  access. 

So now since some days several videos stop playing unmotivated at different times and the playlist does the transition to another camera shot. This is very annoying as i never know when the camera possibly transitions from a mp4 file to a live camera.

So from my point of view this seems to be a bug as it is on several lists with different videos so it is not always the same video nor the same time it jumps out. I can also see this in advance with the play to end time of the playlist as this is calculated wrong in those cases..

Thanks for your help!


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  • I'm sorry but it's not clear to me what is happening. You'd have to describe exactly how you have your playlist set up.

    Carsten Bock said:
    So now since some days several videos stop playing unmotivated at different times and the playlist does the transition to another camera shot.

     I'm not sure what you mean here because you haven't explained how you have your playlist set up. Each media file can have a "When Finished" state and the playlist itself can have such a state as well.

  • Thanks for comming in CraigS!

    So i have a playlist with only one video shot in it. Say it is 2 Minutes long for instance. The playlist is configured to resume and after the last (one) media ist finished it should not loop but go to another shot that is not part of a playlist. I need this setup because of the structure of my whole setup to have some flexibility with naming to adress the shots with my stream deck. So never the less the playlist sometimes jumps out right before the video is at the end - sometimes ist is minutes before the end. There is no pattern noticeable for me with that. 

  • That menu on the far right directs what happens when the playlist ends. It can be Previous Live Shot or Current Preview or to a specific file.

    Unless you do something to interrupt the playlist that video in the playlist would play straight through its 2 minutes.

  • Hi again,

    and sorry that i come back so late on this topic, but i had to wait to get the right screenshot to show the problem. So i think it is a bug in wirecast as i had it now several times. See the screenshots lenght of the video that should play straight through and the timing display of the playlist over all. For my understandig the playlist has to play as long as the video lasts - witch is 24:24 in this case. But it lasts not that long and interrupts the live video at the end of the playlist time that is shown under the live monitoring. (by the way this is a feature request to show the lenght of the live playlist as well in the second monitor for live monitoring in large - but thats another story ;-).  So the timing of the playlist is with several of my playlists not as long as the video that is within the playlist. This interrupts the live video and i can only st the playlist live again to finish the video from the interruption point on. This is very annoying as it works with several videos and with other it does not. Hope there is a way to correct this as i have no solution to find out when this happens and when not. Thanks in advance for the help! 



  • Something doesn't look right in your playlist. The Shot in the plalist doesn't have a duration in the upper left

    Each shot in a playlist has a duration that can be different than the duration of the video.


  • Thanks for the reply - ok that could be an indicator of the problem. But it is not a homemade problem as this video and lots of others play well if i put them in a new playlist. But it looks like that there might be a bug in producing a playlist as this information in the upper left does not show up?

  • I just checked all my events that each has 30 - 50 playlists. In none of them is the time indicator on the mp4 in the upper left like in your screenshot. If i copy one of these playlists i also cant see the time in the upper left but when i use the context menu for the duration the time of the video is like the normal lenght of the video. So there is no cut with the timing of the video. So i made a new file and there i got this time indicator within the playlist like in your screenshot with the same video source as before. So i have no idea what causes this behaviour. 

  • Carsten Bock Perhaps there's an issue with the document and that's affecting the display time and running of videos in it.

    You should test by creating a new blank document. Create a playlist with a single video in it. Add one live shot (can be webcam). And test that playlist to see if the video plays to the end.

  • CraigS I already die this. And now i checked deeper. So in my documents i added completly new playlists (so not done with a copy of an exsisting). they got the time display in the upper left of the included video. but after a while using them (opening, changing the end behaviour and so on) suddendly it disappeared. I then did again a new document and tested with the same video and changing loke before. After a while. the time display has also gone on that new document.

    it‘s a little bit strange but thats how it is. So setting up the new file with all the work was just for nothing as i got not further with it. Seems that this timing indication on the video is not the indicator of the jump out behaviour.



  • Carsten Bock said:
    fter a while. the time display has also gone on that new document.

     I wonder what's causing that. I haven't seen other reports of it.

    Carsten Bock said:
    Seems that this timing indication on the video is not the indicator of the jump out behaviour.

     Perhaps you can record a screen capture showing this. We don't have other reports of this and the best way we can examine this is if we can reproduce this. Playlists are widely used and we're not seeing other reports so perhaps there's something unique about your content or workflow.

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