System Device Propreties not the same between Mac and Windows

HI People

Ive recently changed from Mac to Windows and i had 1 Enormous problem that i would like to fix Very Fast.

Im using an HDMI to USB video capture.

And it works fine but when i connect it to my Windows it give me a different System Device Propreties then Mac.


And the problem with the windows one is the pixels are low quality just like a webcam and the worst of all it change the colors and that would normally not be a problem but im always chroma keying. The color green is spilled on the person and its harder (nearly impossible) to remove the green without doing some damage to the person.

Here are the specs


Wirecast Mac:10.0.0

Wirecast Windows: 10.1.0

Mac specs

Macbook pro late 2013

proccesor: 2,4 GHZ intel core I5

Memory 8 Go 1600 MHZ DDR3

USB port version 3.0


Windows spec

Windows 10

Cpu:Intel i7= 9700K 3.60 GHZ(8 Cpu's)

Gpu:Nvidea rtx 2060 ti

Ram 32 GB

Im using an sony camera(HVR hd 1000c)


I thank you for reading this far and i hope you guys could help me.

(mainly you the Cat moderator)

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  • I have the exact same device.
    2013 15" MBP
    macOS (10.13.x)
    Windows 10 Bootcamp
    Wirecast 14.0

    Device Properties
    Motion JPEG
    Resolution 1920x1080
    Frame Rate 30
    Deinterlace None
    Color Space Default.

    You have control over these settings plus, on Windows, you also have Custom Properties control.

    That device uses the OS native drivers and Wirecast gives you access to that on both Mac and Windows. Features differ by OS.




  • Hey dude thanks for answering 

    Im happy to see that but thats not the problem i mainly meant

    On the windows part i dont see the mjpeg and the quality is terribly bad bad i see the screenshot above me is windows but i dont have the same interface and i would like to have the same interface like you its really urgent for me does i need to change anything because i dont mind doing it

    I really thank you for helping and im happy that you'r trying to help me

  • Icewasbest said:
    On the windows part i dont see the mjpeg

     I'm on Wirecast 14.0. You may need to upgrade as we've made significant improvements with input device detection. You may need to install the free trial of 14, reboot the computer and test. You may need to uninstall 10 first.

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