Video "In Point" and "Out Point" Granular Controls

The slider control for in/out points for video files is fine, but not precise, especially if the video file is lengthy.

Our video clips are 30-60 minutes and we need to show clips from these files.

To recreate:

1. Add Layer > Media Files > Browse Disk

2. Any MP4 file 15-60 minutes in length

3. In Shot Layers, highlight / select the newly added MP4 file

4. Source Properties

This is where we need granular controls to be more precise in the selection.  If you have a video on Facebook, and go to the Facebook editor, you will see up/down arrows to adjust the selection by seconds.  I believe you can also manually type in a time and press enter.

After any adjustment, the preview window should update so we can see if the scene is as desired.

Your consideration of this is appreciated.

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  • That can certainly help with longer videos. Fill out the Feature Request Form as well iso we can discuss with you in more detail if need be.

  • I've voted for this - Hours, Mins, Seconds, and Frames - able to be manually entered into text fields would be awesome.

  • Agreed! I was getting REALLY frustrated trying to get the right in/out points. I would like to have a shortcut that can scrub one frame forward or back.

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