Titles on same layer wont play audio unless cleared

Hello! I've had this issue, tried a few things but no luck, this very well could be a "oops! I didn't know I had to click that option" thing, but I haven't figured it out yet. I am on 14.3.4. I have 8 title cards that consist of a title mp4 and a WAV file song that play at the same time when live. I go to play the next title on the same layer and the title MP4 will play, but the audio wont play. However, if I clear the layer, and then play the exact same title, the audio will play. It doesn't seem like a major issue but the stream operator has a lot on her plate already, so trying to make things as easy as possible so she doesn't have to remember to clear the layer every time we need to play a title. Thanks in advance! Here's a quick video of the issue in action. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tucnplhgg_g03qYua_uZdJFVwLJpEaj1/view?usp=sharing

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  • You have to check Source Properties for both the MP3 and the WAV audio. They can be set differently.


  • Thanks for the reply!  Right now I have "when finished" = remove on both the music and video  I have "begin playing when media becomes live" checked.  My intended use is to play the title and have the music both play at the beginning at the same time.  I have this also for all of my other titles.   Sorry if my posted video seemed confusing/failed to address this.   Did you happen to view it?  It gets confusing to type out what I was trying to point out. 

  • unfortunately neither "hold" or Remove" actually fix the issue.   I edited the original mp4 movie to include the wav music so wirecast just plays the movie and not both mp4 and wav.   

    *Ding Ding ding*

    So! I think I figured something out.  Wirecast will NOT play the exact same file twice in a row, no matter "hold" or "remove" even if they are in two different shots. (when I say twice in a row, I mean I play "title 1" and then play "title 2" afterwards)  Wirecast must not recognize the shots as being different.  This would make sense since the previous shots had the exact same wav file, and wouldn't play despite the shot having a different mp4 file in the shot.   Is this intentional or a bug?  This was seriously driving me crazy and throwing my stream operator for a loop and a lot of me on screen trying to wink at the op to remind her to clear the layer.

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      william Medved Good you verified the cause and found the workflow. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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