14.1 BETA (November 16, 2020) - RELEASED

NOTE: on Jan 25, 2021, Wirecast 14.1 was released. Please check for updates in your software or go to our website to download this latest released version






(See end of this post for links to the latest 14.x builds - in case you want to roll back)

Be sure to post your feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread


Hello live streamers!

We have been setting the stage for months, and now I am excited to share we have some very cool new features and improvements in the Wirecast 14.1 Beta. 

Here's a quick rundown of some of the new features and important improvements and fixes in version 14.1.  

  • New! Rendezvous back-channel chat: Enables behind-the-scenes messaging between hosts/guests. 

  • New! Shot ISO (Pro-only): You can now independently record any shot in your document, including Rendezvous shots, audio-only shots or any user-generated shots. Great for NLE workflows. 

  • New! SRT output: Support for Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) output via Caller method. Supports x264 and Apple H.264 encoding methods. SRT is an open-source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet. http://www.srtalliance.org 

  • Improved! Mac Audio capture plugin: Restored the ability to bring into Wirecast any audio apps are producing on your Mac.

  • New! ProRes encoding on Windows: Great for NLE workflows, now available for Windows, for both ISO recording and record to disk. 

  • New! Canvas preference page: Time-saving default for document canvas size, video frame rate, and snapping settings. 

  • Improved! Media playback improvements: Performance and efficiency improvements for playback of H.264/AVC files on Windows as well as PNG animations. 

  • Improved! Rendezvous connection improvements: Better reconnection if your Rendezvous guests somehow get disconnected. 

  • Updated! Blackmagic SDK: Adds new resolution options and also fixes some issues when capturing certain resolutions. 

  • Fixed! Audio distortion with Blackmagic output: Fixed an issue where some audio could become distorted on output with Blackmagic devices. 

  • Plus, lots of other bug fixes and improvements!  


As with all our Beta releases, we once again humbly ask for your help! We have, of course, had our QA department go through every area of the application and test the most common workflows that we support.

But we know we can't possibly test every workflow and device that exist in the world. So, we’d really like you to test Wirecast 14.1 BETA in your existing workflows and let us know if you see any issues. 

Below, (and linked above) are the full the release notes in case you really want to geek out. 

And lastly, (this is the fine print): Please be reminded, this is a beta version. We don't recommend you use this in critical broadcasts without prior testing in your environment. 

As always, thank you!

Please post any feedback (good and bad) in the Beta Discussion Thread


Wirecast BETA 14.1

New & Improved: 

  • WIRE-18064: Added a new dynamic destination for Castr. 

  • WIRE-18021: New and improved System Audio Capture on Mac - works on T2 chip Macs and on macOS Big Sur. Better performance, more reliable, delicious on toast. 

  • WIRE-18004: Treat yourself, once again, to cropping by percentage. (And for those of you who liked cropping by pixels, we got you covered). 

  • WIRE-18000: You can now happily hide your cursor when screen capturing on Windows.  

  • WIRE-17998: ISO recording ain't easy, but we tried to make it easier by adding better error messaging for common ISO recording problems. 

  • WIRE-17986: Made a few updates to improve the efficiency of playback performance of H.264/AVC media files on Windows. Basically, like vitamins for the app, but without the mixed berry flavor. 

  • WIRE-17966: Major improvement to ISO recording. Now you can ISO Record SHOTS! (Think Rendezvous shots, Wirecast Go shots, audio only shots…). To nerd out on this, read our little companion novel here. 

  • WIRE-17952: In some cases, devices don’t provide accurate time stamps. This can cause A/V sync issues. We now expose an option in System Device Properties to use timestamps “Provided by source” or “Generated by Wirecast”. More info here

  • WIRE-17901: Updated the look of the Rendezvous Session window to make it match the Rendezvous Dashboard. We should probably get matching monogrammed towels. 

  • WIRE-17875/ WIRE-17220: Made improvements to auto-reconnect Rendezvous. Previously, if the connection to Rendezvous was cut-off for any reason (e.g. unplugging ethernet cable, switching WiFi connections, network failure, etc.), the video displays for your Rendezvous guests would freeze and not restore themselves even after whatever caused the network failure was fixed. Now we will try to reconnect 8 times. When the reconnection process begins, a progress wheel widget is displayed in the bottom right next to the 'Disconnect' button. If reconnection fails, you are automatically disconnected from the session and given an error message.  

  • WIRE-17810/WIRE-17404/WIRE-13505: New! Added the ability to output via Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). Read more about SRT: http://www.srtalliance.org

  • WIRE-17636: We jazzed up and improved our Clock Widget, because 2020 seems like a really good time for some self-improvement and decluttering. 

  • WIRE-17745/ WIRE-14963: If you check out Preferences, you may just notice a new option called “Canvas”. Yep, now you can set a whole bunch of default settings for your broadcast canvas. 

  • WIRE-17660: Ooh, shiny new update for our Blackmagic SDK to version 11.6.0, adding support for capture and output of more video formats. Note, this will require an update to the Blackmagic drivers- but don’t worry, we’ll display a warning in the user log if you need to update your drivers. 

  • WIRE-17442: We now show ISO recording errors in the app status bar instead of rudely interrupting your workflow with a modal dialog box. 

  • WIRE-17082: Improved the performance of 4K webcams. 

  • WIRE-16861/WIRE-16704: We now enable ProRes recording on Windows (for regular recording and ISO recording). 

  • WIRE-14425: Added a field to specify how frequently you want to update your RSS feed in the Text Widget. Minimum value is 5 seconds.  

  • WIRE-14052: A default Replay speed can now be set at 0.25x, 0.5x, 1x, or 2x. 

  • WIRE-13977: With our updated Shot ISO recording feature, you can now map a single audio source to multiple video tracks (shots). 

  • WIRE-13636: Increased the maximum video delay value to 10 seconds. 

  • WIRE-13575: New Rendezvous Chat feature. Now you can message instantly with your Rendezvous guests, right within the app. Confirm they’re ready, tell all the guests you’re going off script, or let someone know they have spinach in their teeth. 


  • WIRE-18153: Fixed an issue where the Main Shot Display on Windows briefly stretched or squished when you zoomed layer height. 

  • WIRE-18149/WIRE-18048: Increased size of the Vimeo authentication window on Windows, which is helpful when you actually want to see it. 

  • WIRE-18146: Users will now see a warning message if they open Wirecast when GPU Tweak II is active in the On-Screen Display (OSD). Best to not use that with Wirecast. Trust us. 

  • WIRE-18115: Removed an erroneous warning message when you opened a Wirecast document from Windows Explorer if you already had another document open. 

  • WIRE-18093: Order of operations change for streaming to LinkedIn Live: we’ll check if live video is available, then create a post (instead of creating a post and then checking for the live video). 

  • WIRE-18075: Did you know there was something wrong with opacity setting for Solid color on macOS? No? Oh. Then there wasn’t. See, everything is fine.  

  • WIRE-18070: Fixed a crash that could occur on macOS when changing shot templates.  

  • WIRE-18065: Fixed an issue where opening context menus would cause the Multiviewer to drop frames on Windows.  

  • WIRE-18052/ WIRE-18051/ WIRE-18050: Simplified the Output Settings for Facebook, Twitch and Vimeo by removing a Sign-Up link that was so small you could barely see it anyway.  

  • WIRE-18044: When a YouTube Event is selected, we now try to select a preset matching the event’s stream frame rate and resolution.   

  • WIRE-18022: If you change your canvas size and try to quit, we will now stop you and ask if you want to save that change. Just trying to make things easier for you.  

  • WIRE-18015/ WIRE-17776: You may have heard, we updated our Clock widget – and happily, all the typeface settings now work. Unless it’s Chalkboard. No one should be using Chalkboard font. 

  • WIRE-18013: Now when you transition a shot with the De-Ess filter enabled, you won’t hear a popping noise – causing you to run to the microwave to check your popcorn before it burns. 

  • WIRE-18010: If you try to record an ISO recording to a folder that doesn’t exist, we will now warn you politely, instead of giving you the finger and silently refusing to record.  

  • WIRE-17997/WIRE-16967: Fixed an assertion failure when playing specific media files. 

  • WIRE-17981: Fixed a bug that caused a deleted document to hang around defiantly in your Welcome Window. 

  • WIRE-17968: Creating a new Rendezvous session after trying to reconnect to an expired one now works.  

  • WIRE-17962: We now add a helpful, nicely worded error message to the Notification window if you try to do a Screen Capture on macOS if Wirecast hasn’t been given Screen Recording permissions. 

  • WIRE-17959: We removed ‘Show Facebook Post’ link from our Facebook Destination Scheduled Events since Facebook has removed this functionality. 

  • WIRE-17948/WIRE-17760/WIRE-17620/WIRE-17481: Fixed a crash that could happen when adding a Blackmagic source that is capturing certain resolutions. 

  • WIRE-17928: Fixed an issue with certain RSS feeds not displaying correctly. 

  • WIRE-17912: If you uncheck Twitter in Output Settings, we will no longer illogically require you to log into your Twitter account before you can stream.  

  • WIRE-17906: The zoom on your Main Shot Display layers will now be saved when you close and reopen your document. 

  • WIRE-17897: We updated to the latest version of NDI HX2 which fixed a bug in HX2 decoding causing some HX2 video to not appear on older Macs. 

  • WIRE-17896: Removed the end date fields from YouTube Event dialog. 

  • WIRE-17847/WIRE-18109: Now your settings are maintained when you copy and paste a source from one shot to another  

  • WIRE-17813: We thank you for your patience. Wirecast sometimes took a long time to open if you had recent documents with Titler Live sources. Once you open and save your document, you’ll see that’s fixed.  

  • WIRE-17737: Fixed an annoying issue where audio would become distorted when outputting via in Blackmagic output. 

  • WIRE-17682: If your RTMP output fails, we now perform a little check to see if perhaps your firewall or antivirus is blocking your ability to stream, and we’ll quietly let you know. 

  • WIRE-17589: Fixed a link in an ISO-related error message that led you into a dark alley and left you there to fend for yourself.  

  • WIRE-17575: Fixed a rare crash on macOS that could occur at quit, when the Teradek Streamreader plugin was installed. 

  • WIRE-17470: We squashed a bug where playing certain media files could cause an indefinite hang on older Macs. 

  • WIRE-17259: Improved error messaging when attempting to connect to a source with dimensions greater than 8000 pixels. 8k is our limit. 

  • WIRE-17052: Fixed some of our output statistics, which weren’t reflecting accurate statistics. Awkward!  

  • WIRE-17008: Improved performance of animated PNG media files, which could cause high CPU usage on playback. 

  • WIRE-16226: Fixed issues where YouTube outputs would get confused if you had several users or outputs.   

  • WIRE-15370: Fixed playback issues with specific media files with AAC audio. Basically, the software equivalent of when your mechanic puts in a new air filter and you have to take their word for it 

  • WIRE-15161: Updated our Dynamic Destination Documentation to include hardware encoders. 

Here are quick links you can use to roll back to the latest released build:

Links to the Wirecast 14 installers:



Or visit our Download page to find installers for previous builds: https://dynamic.telestream.net/downloads/download-wirecast.asp?prodid=wirecast

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  • The improvment look very promising.

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  • Hello .. We test new  version 14.0.4 Beta  and the Audio capture  😪 neither it go. the option it in´t active.  Our iMac is from 2017  don´t have chip T2. 

      • CraigS
      • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
      • CraigS
      • 2 yrs ago
      • Reported - view
      José Cigarrán said:
      We test new  version 14.0.4 Beta 

       That's the release version. The beta is 14.1 and includes a new audio driver. Test the beta and you should be able to capture audio.

    • CraigS  All OK!

      • CraigS
      • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
      • CraigS
      • 2 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      José Cigarrán 👍

    • Jeroen
    • Jeroen
    • 2 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Great news, SRT support !

    Workflows needed input stream to Wowza Streaming Engine.

    Or point to point together with Haivision SRT Gateway.

    When will input of SRT be implemented?

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    • CraigS
    • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
    • CraigS
    • 2 yrs ago
    • Reported - view
    Jeroen said:
    When will input of SRT be implemented?

     Can't say yet but we're certainly investigating. Do vote for it.

  • Happy to say that this beta release resolved an issue we were having with adding sources from a Black Magic Design Quad HDMI Recorder capture card in Windows causing Wirecast to crash.

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      • CraigS
      • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
      • CraigS
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Will Findlay Thanks for confirming. 👍

  • How do I un-install the Audio Driver, it's now corrupted LoopBack and gone all crackly, where is it placed so I can delete it.

      • CraigS
      • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
      • CraigS
      • 2 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      James Morden Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > HAL > TelestreamAudioCapture.driver
      Wirecast will no longer be able to capture anything through system sound.

    • CraigS Thanks. 

      • CraigS
      • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
      • CraigS
      • 2 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Jamie Morden 👍