Elgato StreamDeck [Mac Plugin] Feature Request for additional audio and show/hide.


I have recently switched back to a Mac for using Wirecast as I was having audio driver issues causing latency. On windows the audio plugins for the stream deck were quite helpful (specifically the ability to mute the specific audio sources).

Upon switching to Mac I saw the stream deck Mac app does not have these plugins supported due to the way Mac handles audio differently than windows with coreaudio API.

Thus is it possible to add the feature to mute audio sources or hide/unhide sources of the currently live / selected scene in the Wirecast Mac stream deck plugin instead? 

I am not a software dev so I am unsure of how hard this would be to integrate but I know even on windows I thought it would be helpful to have the ability in the Wirecast plugin to hide/un hide specific sources in Wirecast on the stream deck. 

Overall it is a very helpful device and has made life easier. So thank you either way for making this stream deck plugin available in the first place.

Happy Holidays!


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