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When doing tutorials, I don't want to record the entire screen but just the application. Understand that I can crop or predefine the area to record, but that's just manual and not foolproof as compared to a true application record.

By true application record, I mean that it only records the application window. So it doesn't matter if you move the window around your screen, or have another window that overlaps it, it'll just record what the application is showing.

I think it's actually quite essential especially if you have a small screen estate and need to have another application open as a reference, eg a browser to reference notes and to do some quick lookups. 

The ability to record application windows will reduce a lot of editing that can, and should have been avoided in the first place.

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  • Would you ignore menus given they are in the menu bar rather than the application?
    Apple Pages for example:

  • Applications that, in the process of your work, you end up opening a second document/window?

  • Would your canvas just be the application size or would it be placed over a work area of...??? 720, 1080, 4k, size of the computer screen?

  • 1. CraigS yes. Given that it's recording in the application space, understand that menus will not be part of that space. But I hardly use the menus so it's acceptable for my use case.

    2. On recording a tutorial, I might want to pull up a browser or note. Yes, they would appear in the screen record, and that requires editing to remove.

    3. For my use case, I'd imagine it to be application size. I have apps to set the Window size to a specific dimension if needed so that's not an issue.

    I believe the Wirecast and OBS are already capable of application recording, we just need it in SF, so we can enjoy the rest of the SF features and save time on editing.

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      • CraigS
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      Roy Yes Wirecast can do application capture but often such uses are to show the page rather than take a user through a set of instructions that might include menus. Of course, one might want to do something exactly like that in ScreenFlow is well.

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  • I would love this feature. This is how I mostly use Screenflow:

    • I record online courses and tutorials that are not usually related to operating any particular software. (This may be a non-typical use of Screenflow, but there's probably others using it this way too, I'm guessing. I'm used to Screenflow and I like Screenflow. :-) )
    • I have a PowerPoint presentation up on the screen, a Blue Yeti plugged in, and record video via the Facetime camera.
    • I use a 2019 MBP with retina screen, which I have recently discovered is the source of my file size problems!! (Recorded 1 hr 45 min last week and it was 35 GB.)
    • I would love to be able to resize the PowerPoint window to the pixel size needed for the course, so that I could have a much smaller file size, and just select that window when I'm setting up the recording. I don't really want to manually select a screen area, as it's likely to have poorly defined edges, or perhaps be misaligned when I stop and start.
    • I don't need to see the PowerPoint menus or any mouse movements etc. I change the slide with the down arrow, and keep on talking.

    If it wasn't too hard to add this capability into Screenflow, it would make a huge difference to me. Thank you for a great piece of software. 

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      • CraigS
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      Belinda Thanks for explaining the use case need in detail. 

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