What are the colored borders on shots for?

Sometime in the last year or so, after and update, I have found the colored borders on the shots.  Not sure what the purpose is, and has caused some strange functionality of preview shot changing when clearing a layer above.  Example, in layer 3 we keep most of our camera angle shots, layer 2 we have overlays for desktop presenter shots ( song lyrics etc.  from another computer running Pro Presenter) .  I am using X-keys 128, and when clearing layer 2 desktop presenter, my preview shot changes, I think to the green border shot.  I generally want the to keep whatever shot I have in the preview window, but when clearing layer 2, it changes.  When I go live after clearing layer 2, it clears layer 2 in the live shot OK, but I end up with a different shot in my preview window, changing to the camera preset as well.  Again this all changed with an update, not sure when though - certainly a number of months ago.  I liked it better before it did this.  I have reset preferences, and had to start a new project because I lost the audio meters, and other crash issues.  Looking through the manual I can't find anything regarding those colored borders, and what function they serve.   What does it all mean?????

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    The colored dots were not very visible when the same color was in the shot in the same area.
    We gave users the ability to enable colored borders as many said it was far easier to see.

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