Slack Q&A (ala Twitter)

Is the Social Integrations capability extensible? I'm looking to have questions submitted via a slack channel and would like everything in wirecast to work like the twitter social integration.  

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  • alternatively it could read the posts from a google sheet (which I could then integrate into slack)

  • Andy MacMillan said:
    Is the Social Integrations capability extensible?

     Not at the moment.
    Please fill out the form and make the feature request. I do think others may be interested in this.

    While many users will think of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, including things such as Slack would be novel.

    Please describe how you would like the extensibility to work (how would one hook into  or develop for it).

  • Thanks Craig. I've submitted an enhancement request, which I've copied below so others can see it in the thread.  


    I would like to allow users to submit questions via other social channels, ideally slack.  The Twitter integration is great.  Ideally I'd like to be able to create a plugin to pull messages from a different source.  One option might be to enable wirecast to pull messages from google sheets - then users could integrate google sheets into anywhere they want to get questions (including google forms).  Seems like a pretty straightforward extensibility option that would greatly extend the reach of the platform. Slack, in particular, seems very interesting for those of us that want to use wirecast as a corporate broadcasting tool during these remote times.   Thanks for considering the feature. I hope you are well.


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      Andy MacMillan Thanks for doing that.

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