Stayed up almos all night and now spent half morning trying to export a screenshot video without the video getting blurry. Googled my eyes out. Tried every tip in this forum and found on Google. Tried to export with different settings a gazillion times. It is absolutely hopeless! Is there ANY way to export a video with screenshots without it showing a blurry picture?? Please, let me know if there is, because now I'm forced to send out a blurry video to my project team. I've used Screenflow for years and I absolutetly love it, but seriously, today I'm prepared to start using any other app. 

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  • Someone told me it might be because of my retina screen (macbook pro). How do you screenshot from a retina screen without the output becoming blurry?

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      Margareta Re I'd like to help but there are no details I can work with. Sorry about that.

      "Blurry" can be many things such as scaling or low data rate exporting poor quality.
      Scaling a Retina display to a smaller size and/or a data rate too low could make it blurry but I have no way to know the cause given your description.

      Always describe the issue in a way someone could follow your steps.
      Include screenshots of before and after to show quality differences as "blurry" is a term subject to various interpretations.

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