Switch 5.1 Released May 11, 2022

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Link to PDF Release Notes

Switch 5.1

New Features & Improvements

Vector Scopes (Technical Preview)
- Added several video scopes, including a luma scope for plotting histograms of brightness, a vector scope for plotting U-V brightness distribution, and a component parade for plotting RGB brightness distribution. Note that this is the initial implementation of video scopes, which is being considered a technical preview, not a completely finished feature set. Future releases of Switch will add more capability to the video scope features.

Index Advancement During Seek
- Added the ability to advance the indexer during any seek operation, including flag navigation, chapter navigation, jump to mark in/out, 10 second skip, etc. Use the normal controls but hold down the option (Mac) or alt (Windows) keys. Once you do this, subtitle/caption playback will be disabled, as that requires indexing the entire file. Also, our support for advancing the indexer only exists in MPEG-2 TS and MPEG-2 PS containers. If the indexer cannot advance to the desired point within 30 seconds, the operation will be aborted.

Other New Features
- Added the ability to play Microsoft ADPCM audio from a WAV file.
- Added the ability to play AMR audio files.
- Added the ability to play HEVC MPEG-2 PS files.
- Added support for displaying timecode from SEI, MPEG-4 Sony Metadata, Seachange ANC & VBI.

- Fixed a bug that caused scrambled playback for non-standard resolutions, wherein widths were not a multiple of sixteen, on macOS.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the display of outlines of subtitles for SMPTE Timed Text files generated by EZ Titles.
- Fixed a bug that could cause audio from ASF files to go out of sync with the video if the file specified a pre roll.
- Fixed a bug that prevented playback of Broadcast Wave (BWF) files from Logic Pro X.
Fixed a bug in dark mode on macOS where the timecode source popup in the jump-to- time interface was obscured.

Known Issues General
- Frames with long durations make time display appear to stall because it always shows the presentation time of the frame.
- ASF files with variable frame rate display incorrect frame rate in the inspector. - No detection of interlaced content is done for Windows Media files.
- ProRes Raw on recent versions of macOS displays almost black on Intel machines, and with a stride problem on ARM machines.
- Ancillary LTC timecode is not passed when using the KONA 4G with the 4k driver.
- Ancillary LTC timecode is not passed when seeking/scrubbing to a KONA 3G or KONA 4G.

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