Export footage into separate files

Most of the videos I make are multi-camera, which makes my projects quite decent in size. My project usually look like 2-3 camera angles, a screen recording and a microphone audio.

When I edit my videos this is fine. I hired an editor to help me in my editing process and he uses Premiere Pro (and sometimes final cut), so I need to give him the raw footage of all my files in order for him to get the job done. However I don't see that feature in ScreenFlow. I was thinking in exporting every footage separately in HEVC format and send the footage to my editor, unless there is a better way to do this. Do you guys have a better alternative for this? is there a feature in development? or is it just best to get a different solution for this like an ATEM mini pro?

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    Nicolas Schurmann said:
    is there a feature in development?

     There have been feature requests for this. A lot of people start in ScreenFlow and then finish in another NLE and need the tracks exported separately. 
    For post-production work, I'd always recommend exporting Apple ProRes.
    Currently, you'd have to disable tracks you don't want to export and do each track individually. 

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