Play Sound File Locally and through stream (Mics off)


I am implementing a streaming system for our church services and learning on the go.  Occasionally, instead of live music at the church we will get a sound file or video from the choir to play.  When we get these files, we need to play the audio both through the stream, as well as into the church through our sound board.

My current setup is
- Laptop running Wirecast -> connected to a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 through USB -> connected to the sound board.

- The behringer also has audio coming in from the sound board (from the mics) which I have as a audio capture attached to each of my camera shots.

What I would like to do:

- When I transition to a certain shot (an audio or video file), I would like it to automatically mute the mics and turn on the headphone output so the people in the church can listen to the shot without getting massive feedback, and if the shot is audio only, I can continue to livestream the service with the music in the background.

I'm trying to setup the system so it'll be easy for anyone to use it, so as much of this I can automate by just switching scenes the better.  When I was using OBS, they had the ability to change a certain sound source to Monitor, Monitor + stream, or stream only, which is how I accomplished this there, But that didn't allow me to show video while listening to the music.

Any help would be appreciated, and I'm happy to give any additional information I might have missed.

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