Hollyland 400s pro for livestreaming question

Hollyland 400s pro is a new product that I've been looking at and trying to get clarification if it will work with wirecast. There is little info but hollyland recommends connecting usb type c to lan adapter. It appears as if it can be added in wirecast as an rtsp source. Will this work or is there anything I need to be aware of? I've never done this before? Also as far as the usb type c to lan is there any particular devices supported by wirecast? TIA


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  • Since Wirecast is using similar technology to VLC there's a reasonable chance that it'll work with the caveat that we haven't tested.

    Are you thinking of HDMI to USB-C video capture as well?
    We haven't tested but I'm looking at this but I'm waiting to hear back from them on video format compatibility as the specs expressed on their site only alludes to 60p and not 30p or PAL compatible frame rates. Our tested devices are listed here and there's a number of USB3 devices but they would require a USB3 to USB-C adaptor which might be indicated in your screenshot. 

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      CraigS I've attached a screenshot of supported formats for the 400s pro. Is that what you were looking for? My current setup is a laptop with 1usb 3 capture card and 1 thunderbolt capture card. I was thinking going out the reciever usbc adapted to ethernet then in the ethernet port on the laptop. That would allow another camera being that I'm out of available ports on the laptop but as I stated previously I've never used the ethernet/rtsp. I have purchased the hollyland 400s which doesn't have the usbc to ethernet option. It does have hdmi out on the reciever. I plan on using the hdmi out and going into either the usb 3 or thunderbolt capture card. I'll test once I get the unit in. Any reason that wouldn't work. Do you see any added benefit of usbc to ethernet input/rtsp in wirecast?

  • Robby said:
    I plan on using the hdmi out and going into either the usb 3 or thunderbolt capture card.

     Basically, you should select from our supported USB3 or Thunderbolt capture devices. Keep in mind some of the Hollyland output settings are not compatible with certain devices. For example, some capture devices do not support 1080p60. You'd have to consider the specific setting you want to use vs what the capture card supports to find the working combination.

    There's the possibility that a powered Thunderbolt 3 Dock or Hub may support more than one camera but that depends on the bus power needed and the capture devices used. We haven't tested these combinations.

    Another possibility is to use a PCIe capture card in a PCIe to Thunderbolt chassis. There are a number of cards that can support four HD inputs from Blackmagic and Magewell. While we've tested such cards we haven't tested chassis so you'd need to speak to the card manufacturer. 

    Wirecast does support RTSP in its Webstream plugin if you need to go that route but I think the above solutions are more reliable once you get them working.

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  • For best results I would recommend going the HDMI out of the receiver into an HDMI capture device. RTSP will add more latency 

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