Screenflow is crashing constantly upon opening since installing today's update to Screenflow 9 (20 June 2020)

Hi, I'm on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.5. This morning I installed the latest update to Screenflow 9. I use screenflow almost daily so this is a recent update. It looked to update just fine, but since then I cannot open screen flow without it immediately crashing. 

Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks,


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  • Interestingly, I got a couple of crashes as well. You could try double-clicking on a screenflow file to see if that opens and works rather than starting screenflow itself.

  •   Anne  Nitin Chandra
    I need to know exactly what you were doing when it crashed.
    Simply on opening?
    Are you opening by clicking on a document?

  • CraigS I saved a recording. Quit the app and then restarted it and it crashed the first time. The came up when I tried the next time.

  • CraigS hi Craig, it resolved itself all on its own. Thanks

  • Same thing with me yesterday. When I want to save or close, this message comes up: 

    ScreenFlow hat einen Laufzeitfehler festgestellt, der die Fähigkeit beeinträchtigen kann, den Betrieb fortzusetzen. Bitte speichern Sie Ihre Arbeit und starten Sie die Anwendung neu. Wenn das Problem weiterhin besteht, wenden Sie sich an den technischen Support und geben Sie die folgende Nachricht an:

    [NSMachPort sendBeforeDate:] Zielport ungültig

    Even while working, when I enlarge the clip

    Please Help! It`s my working today! Thanks, Claudi

  • No i get this Info, when i want to save: connection went invalid while waiting for a reply because a mach port died. Every every time.

  • Claudia Henrichs Are you saving to a cloud folder or service?
    Do you have a program like Little Snitch running?

  • CraigS  Hi Craig. No, the file ist on my Desktop. Mac OS 10.15.8. I work with Screenflow 8. I don`t have "Little Snitch", but Intego Content Barrier.

  • Claudia Henrichs said:
    I work with Screenflow 8.

     You should update to ScreenFlow 8.2.6. There were several fixes with Catalina related issues.

  • CraigS Good Morning. Yes, my Version is 8.2.3. But, when i klick on "search for updates" i allways get the offer for Screenflow 9. Not else. Screenflow 5 an 6 i bought in the Appstore. The Upgrade was much difficult. Sreenflow 8, i bougt from your website. I prefere buying in the App-Store, and only want to pay the Upgrade-Price. How can i do that? Thanks a lot and have a nice Day, Claudia

  • Claudia Henrichs said:
    my Version is 8.2.3.

    That's probably the issue since there were fixes in several of the updates. 8.2.6 is on this page under Previous Updates.

    Since the App store version doesn't have an upgrade process we may not be able to offer one. When a new version is released we have a discount available to everyone (usually at the upgrade price) for a day or so.

    You can contact desktop sales by email to discuss this.

  • CraigS Hi Craig, your Tipp dosen`t solve my Problem. Now, i have Screenflow 8.2.6. Loock at the Screenshot. I wont save the File and the Error Message is allways there.

  • Claudia Henrichs said:
    No, the file ist on my Desktop. Mac OS 10.15.8

     Please explain since current release is 10.15.5. If you are using a beta of an unreleased OS that can be a problem.
    If Desktop is linked to iCloud backup that can be a problem.

    I really need a very accurate description of your configuration otherwise there's going to be a lot of back and forth questions and clarifications.

    ScreenFlow previously worked on your system it seems so something changed.but I have to depend on you to explain what.

    Your error keeps referencing mach port died which points to a potential operating system issue.

  • Hello, 

    I started experiencing this issue as well with the new 9.0.4

    I reached out to support because I noticed that the stock images library was loading extremely slow compared to 9.0.3 which was the version I've been using since I purchased Screenflow a couple of months ago. 

    Support got back to me and I did some of the things he said, but after this, I noticed my Macbook Pro started to crash. I was using the most recent version of Catalina, but was prompted to update to 10.15.5 yesterday afternoon. 

    I did this update, hoping that it would help...it didn't unfortunately. 

    All I can think of, aka - the common denominator for me - it has something to do with the media/stock image library. Perhaps there is something that isn't configured there right, IDK. 

    I just know that this issue seemed to have started with 9.0.4 for me, even before updating my oS to 10.15.5 and it happened with the stock image media loading extremely slow and now the crashes to my machine is the next issue that is now happening.

    When I try to open up any files I have worked on, the video times out when it's trying to load and restarts my entire system. 

    I have also reset me SMC, but this, unfortunately, did not help either. 

    Hopefully, this also gives you some information to use. 


    - Craig

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  •   Craig Brower Sorry my mistake. My system is macOS Catalina 10.15.5. The problem is since Update to Catalina in March 2020. I think I've solved my problem. The icon in the menu bar showed Sceenflow 6. I open the Screenflow 8 via Programs. So maybe 2 screenflow versions were running at the same time. I will test that tomorrow.

  • As a test, try disabling both Thumbnails and Waveforms. That may indicate an issue with their caching or drawing.

    Craig Brower said:
    I just know that this issue seemed to have started with 9.0.4 for me,
  • Claudia Henrichs said:
    So maybe 2 screenflow versions were running at the same time.

     That's entirely possible. I often have multiple versions of ScreenFlow on my Macs. It's important that one is completely shut down before running another.

  • CraigS Thank you. I have done this, but I am still experiencing a large delay in the media library loading, as well as rendering in the timeline itself. 

    The media library itself also seems to have a significant delay in bringing up the footage to be able to view and select.

    When I add in a clip to the timeline it takes a much longer time for that video to load, and sometimes the video will not load at all and I will need to replace it. 

    Again, this didn't happen in 9.0.3

    The issues all started with the newest update, and initially with the media/stock footage library. 

    I believe I know where you guys have licensed the stock footage/music and photos from. It may be something you want to check with "SB" and see if there is a disconnect somehow or update needed for the API?

    Not sure if that is possibly something? Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm not a programmer by any means, not even close, but have a little bit of knowledge to be slightly aware of some possibilities LOL. 

  • Craig Brower said:
    Again, this didn't happen in 9.0.3

     But perhaps that was coincidental. It's possible there was another change at about the same time 9.0.4 came out.

    ScreenFlow 9.0.4 on macOS 10.15.5.
    Takes about 10 seconds for the Stock Media Library to load after opening.
    Having specifics helps otherwise it's subjective.
    Do you believe it was faster?

  • Tested in 9.0.3 on the same computer. It's about 4 seconds.

  • Craig Brower Fill out the form and note that ScreenFlow 9.0.3 Stock Media Library seems to load twice as fast as in 9.0.4. You can mention I tested this.

  • CraigS WOW! Great that you see it too. Well, not great, but at least it's not completely something on my side. 

    Did you also notice it takes a lot of time when you bring a stock video into the timeline as well for it to render and be ready to view in the production video?

    Again, only on 9.0.4 not 9.0.3

    I will fill out the form as well now and mention that you see the issue as well. 

    Thanks for all of your help so far, I really appreciate it. 

  • Craig Brower You're welcome of course. Yes, 9.0.4 is significantly slower.

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